July 30

Selective Memory, A Modern Christian’s Sickness

As Christians in this modern world, it is often difficult to remember what truly matters or what needs to be done, we all seem to be suffering from selective memory.

selective memory
Selective memory a Christian’s favorite sickness. Image taken from Flickr

It would be best when everything goes well for us, wouldn’t it? It is always the best feeling when things go our way and we get to have all that we want. When deals tend to lean more towards our side we tend to love it.

It is understandable. I mean who wouldn’t want things to go the way that we want it to? Why would we choose to for things to go awry for us? Let’s face it, if we were placed fully in charge and allowed to do whatever we want without the consequences to any of what we do, we would most likely choose to do things in a way that would place us at a spot with the most advantages for us.

When things tend to not go our way however, we then do anything we can to make ourselves feel better. We try to see the silver lining; we try to rationalize it in a way that makes sense for us or we straight-up lie about the whole situation. As Christians, we tend to do a lot of lying to ourselves.

The Bible’s Message and the Reader’s Selective Memory

selective memory
Image from Flickr

Whenever, we Christians, do something we know isn’t exactly “Christian” we often lie to ourselves and say that it is fine. Often times we like to only remember things in the Bible when it suits us but immediately forget something when something doesn’t quite go our way.

We like suffering from selective memory, only remembering passages, messages, or lessons in the Bible when we can use it to put ourselves at an advantage. Yet we casually forget these same things when it starts going against our convenience.

selective memory
Image from Picryl

It isn’t easy to follow the bible all the time but we as Christians should at least try. It is time for us to forget our selective memory and try to be as faithful to the bible as God is with us.

Remember God’s faithfulness towards us with “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” performed by Josh Turner.


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