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November 4, 2020


November 4, 2020


November 4, 2020

After earning his second #1, the rising country star/basketball player Matt Stell gallops his way to becoming an actual country icon as he once again scores with his latest single ‘Everywhere But On.’ This is his second consecutive entry to earn #1 preceded by his ‘Prayed For You’ single which also topped in Billboard Country Airplay last year.

Two-time MVP

Being able to land another bullseye in just 47 weeks since his song’s initial release has put the icon-in-the-making at a loss for words.

Matt Stell expressed how great it feels for his works to be appreciated and to received marvelous awards not just once, but twice within a short period of time in his career. His song is, as he explained, the embodiment of his emotions, and the effort he placed towards making it is out of the ordinary which made the song extra special.

Co-written by writers Lance Miller and Paul Sykes, the sudden jump from #5 to #1 beats his shots in a basketball game. But in reality, Matt Stell was just using his emotions as kindle to the flames as “Prayed For You” is actually about his breakup with his girlfriend. This was a contrast to his first topping song ‘Everywhere But On’ when they were still together.

A Successful Rebound

Matt Stell described the single as ‘autobiographical.’ “Prayed For You” contains intimate information about him as a touring artist who had to mask and endure his personal demons just to provide quality entertainment for his fans.

But on the up-side, the breakup really didn’t go for the worse as Stell was able to materialize those feelings for the sake of his own career and goals. He might not be able to score love at this time, but as a country artist, the road ahead is quite promising for him.

Giving Back

As personal as Matt Stell’s singles may go, he celebrates his success by helping institutions like St. Jude Children’s Hospital by donating $5000 through his ‘Give a Damn Foundation.’ The proceeds were harvested on his pop-up shows and the cameo appearances he made before COVID became twisted enough to be a bother.

Now, his funding source for his charity program is based on the merchandise he sells through his website which includes ‘Give a Damn’ Wristbands. As of this moment, aside from St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the “Give A Damn Foundation” was able to reach ‘Doctors Without Borders’ and ‘The Humane Society.’

More blessings are headed Matt Stell’s way as ‘Prayed For You’ is only one of the songs that come from his 2020 EP album.


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