November 16

Country Songs About Jack Daniel’s To Raise Your Glass Today

Country music is never complete without the drunken country songs about Jack Daniel’s. These drinking songs are one of the genre’s staple themes, just like heartbreak, infidelity, and incarceration, and even considered an American institution. Some of these feature beer, some moonshine, and most commonly the popular Old Time No. 7 Brand Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s signature charcoal-mellowed Tennessee Whiskey. This 150-year-old brand has been country music’s most faithful companion through all the pains and struggles of life. 

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So, grab yourself a glass and toast with us with these 15 country songs that celebrate Jack Daniel’s. From the aged country classics just like David Allan Coe’s “Jack Daniel’s If You Please” to the newer releases including Chase Rice’s “Jack Daniel’s and Jesus,” we definitely got you. 

Now, it’s time to get drunk with feelings. 

1. Jack Daniel’s If You Please by David Allan Coe

While Coe may be known for his ‘outlaw’ style with songs screaming offensive lyrics, he also released a few more gut-wrenching songs that will definitely make you scream pain instead. In this track, Coe sings of whiskey as his faithful companion, and the most painful thing about it is when he asks, “Jack Daniel’s If You Please,” numb the heartache that is driving him insane. When we do love so much, we also get hurt so much – and we all know that feeling all too well.

2. That’s Why They Make Jack Daniels by Ronnie Dunn

The other half of Brooks & Dunn, Ronnie Dunn keeps it real – no sugarcoating – with his advice on heartaches. He sings how there are times that it would be hard to forgive and “That’s Why They Make Jack Daniels.” It definitely won’t make it any less painful, but it won’t be as bad. 

3. Jack Daniels by Eric Church

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While Coe and Dunn took on the power of “Jack Daniels” as a powerful liquor that numbs heartache, Eric Church confronts the black label as his kryptonite. Describing it as the black powder of his soul, Church goes on to show the honest and accurate depiction of life with a bottle and the emotional and physical repercussions that come with it. 

4. Jack Daniel’s, You Lied To Me Again by Ray Stevens

One of the many things in living a life with Jack Daniel’s is that it gives you that immense confidence that makes you think your life is so put together. And Ray Stevens sings of that damned confidence which brings him the courage to pick women up only to realize that he didn’t really love them. All he could do is say, “Jack Daniel’s, You Lied To Me Again.”

5. Johnnie Walker, Old Grand-Dad, Jack Daniels and You by Dottie West

On the other hand, Dottie West takes us on a different perspective of being married to the bottle. In the song “Johnnie Walker, Old Grand-Dad, Jack Daniels and You,” she tells the story of a long-suffering woman who is staying in a relationship with her drunk delinquent of a husband just for the sake of the kids. 

6. Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 by Jerry Lee Lewis

No stranger to the bottle himself, Jerry Lee Lewis released this twangy classic – even the title – that all women who have drunken husbands can relate to. With “Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7,” Lewis sings of a woman whose husband collects bottles for deposit money. 

7. Sue Jack Daniels by The Reverend Horton Heat

This song may be rocking the aggressive tunes, but it is country at its very core. And unlike the complications of the life with Jack Daniel’s that all the other songs say, “Sue Jack Daniels” is basically all about the same old bar fights. Sometimes, that’s all there is to drinking. 

8. The Night Ole Jack Daniels Meet John 3:16 by James Payne

But on the flip side, there are those who tell their success stories of how they are now finally clean. One of those true stories is Payne’s when one day in 1986 he held a bible in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other. He searched for hope and found himself giving up that glass. 

9. Jack Daniels and Jesus by Chase Rice

Another success story is that of Chase Rice’s. In his song “Jack Daniels and Jesus,” Rice did not hold back in telling the story of his life – of how his dad used to drink too much at a time. And his utmost honesty inspired and encouraged a lot of people to finally put the bottle down. 

10. Jack Daniels by Miranda Lambert

But not all “Jack Daniels” songs go down the downbeat cautionary tale of all the bad things about drinking. For Miranda Lambert, it’s a celebration of a beverage that made the woman in her and the best lover she could ever have. 

More Country Songs About Jack Daniel’s To Get Drunk To

Here are 5 more country songs about Jack Daniel’s to pour, toast, and get drunk to any time of the day.


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