January 18

Tim McGraw’s “My Best Friend”: More Than a Lover!

In 1999, as part of his album “A Place in the Sun,” the melodic country singer Tim McGraw released his song titled “My Best Friend,” which peaked at no. 1 on “Billboard’s Hot Country Songs” chart. 

It is considered one of Tim McGraw’s greatest hits, as it even landed a spot on the cross-over pop chart, peaking at no. 29 on the “Billboard Hot 100”

In contrast to popular belief, a romantic relationship can also develop into a friendship rather than vice versa. But, some people fail to recognize the distinction between a friend and a lover. 

Sometimes, one cannot expect their lovers to become their friends, as balancing the roles of being a romantic partner and a best friend can somehow be demanding. 

In this song, it sounds like both parties were able to strike a balance, as the romance in the relationship is strengthened by the element of freshness and the thrill of finding out more about each other.

Meaning Behind the Song

Written by Aimee Mayo and Bill Luther, “My Best Friend” simply talks about the story of a man who has unexpectedly met a woman he never thought would become both his lover and closest friend. 

In the song’s first verse, the protagonist goes on to express how “lonely” he has been for the longest time. He reached a point where he started getting sick of “hurting” and “searching” for the ideal person to enter his life.

To his surprise, for the first time in a long time, he began to feel less alone as a lover had finally arrived to fill the void in his heart. However, as they got closer, he finally realized that his partner was more than a lover, as she slowly acted as the best friend he never thought he would need. 

She was the type of person who would always be there for him at his lowest. A woman who would love him even if things get rough and a partner who would be proud of his small wins. 

To relate it to Tim McGraw‘s life, even if he may not have written the song himself, some say that it still symbolizes the love he has developed with his wife, Faith Hill. Whenever he sings the song at an event, he always lets everyone know that every word in the lyrics is something he dedicates to his wife.

With that said, if you are interested in hearing Tim McGraw’s performance of “My Best Friend,” you can do so below. 


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