March 20

“Farther Along:” Elvis Presley’s Bone-Chilling Rendition

“Farther Along” shines a light on us to understand God’s work. In life, there are some who prosper, while others suffer their whole life. What’s devastating is that most people who are lucky in life are the ones who are evil. They are blessed with a beautiful and luxurious life. Meanwhile, those who are kind, the ones who wanted to change the world and help others are struggling in life. Why is this happening?

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A Little Bit of Why God Blesses the Wicked

We often think that God often blessed the wicked people despite their behavior but, the truth is there are some reasons as to why such things happen. First, we think that the wicked are blessed because we only see a small part of the picture. We don’t see their struggles two. Second, as much as we don’t like this, we suffer because those who believe in Jesus will one day taste the freedom of pain. They will be enjoying life after death, not like the wicked people. And lastly, we never know what God’s plans are, we cannot truly say that the wicked are really having the time of their life.

The Origin of “Farther Along”

The original author of the song “Farther Along” has been credited to one person to another. Many people tried to claim the authorship of the song. The only thing certain is that the tune of the song was arranged by J.R. Baxter. It doesn’t matter who wrote the song, as long as it inspires us and draws us closer to God.

Different Versions

This Southern gospel hymn has been covered numerous times by known artists. Some great singers in country music also attempted to make a cover of the song. One known version was by the trio Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt in 1987. They adopted another style for their version.

Elvis Presley Nailed It!

The beginning of the song was sung by a choir in a well-delivered manner. If the beginning of the song gives you chills, the moment Elvis Presley sings is breathtaking. He made some adjustments on the song he recorded.

How Great Thou Art Album

How Great Thou Art was the album where Presley included his version of “Farther Along.” The album was reissued twice, once in 2008 with added bonus tracks, and another in 2010. The album secured a spot on the Billboard chart and was credited by RIAA.



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