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A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill

Faith Hill’s Life-Altering Ballad: “A Baby Changes Everything”

In September 2008, Faith Hill released “A Baby Changes Everything” from her album Joy to the World, which touched and changed so many lives.

5 Country Songs About Football

Five Country Songs About Football For Every Die-Hard Football Fan

We’ve gathered some of the best country songs about football that would provide the perfect soundtrack as you cheer on your team.

22 Country Songs About Chasing Your Dreams

22 Country Songs About Chasing Your Dreams and Achieving The Seemingly Impossible

We have gathered the most inspirational country songs about chasing your dreams to remind you that you are never too old or too young to live your dreams.

15 country songs about america

15 Country Songs About America That Will Put You In A Patriotic Spirit 

Everything sacrificed for our liberty is worth celebrating. So, here are the best country songs about America to spark a sense of pride in our wonderful country.

patriotic country songs singers

15 Most Patriotic Country Songs Of All Time To Celebrate This Great Country Of Ours

Who doesn’t love cranking up patriotic country songs and showing our love for America? Well, we all do. So, check out these tracks and showcase your patriotic side.

35 Best Country Love Songs of All Time

35 Best Country Love Songs That Are Perfect For Heart’s Season

Heart's season calls for a romantic, perfect time with your loved ones. What makes it more perfect are the country love songs to play when you are together.

Top 10 Hottest Country Music Women

Top 10 Of The Hottest Female Country Music Singers You’ll Not Regret Knowing

Are you looking for artists that sing subtly yet impactful? Then check out this list of the Hottest Female Country Music Singers, and you might find the perfect singer to listen to.

15 Uplifting Country Songs to Add to Your Positive Vibes Playlist

15 Uplifting Country Songs to Add to Your Positive Vibes Playlist

Having a bad stressful day is a normal thing. And with a touch of music, everything would be different. So here are 15 Uplifting country songs that will get you in the mood.

There You’ll Be: One of the Biggest Hits from Faith Hill

Why “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill is the Best War Film Song

"There You’ll Be” of Faith Hill is an expression of love towards the person dearest to your heart. Also, this was used in the film Pearl Harbor.

30 Best country karaoke

30 Country Karaoke Duets Of All Time That You Can Sing With Anyone

Grab the microphone right now, pull a friend or your partner, or even a stranger, and sing your hearts out with these 30 country karaoke duets.

Faith Hill Facts

5 Quick Facts You Should Know About Faith Hill

Faith Hill is a renowned American singer from Mississippi. Due to her musical success and prowess, she is considered as the greatest country singer in America.

Faith Hill, More than Her Name In “There Will Come a Day”

Hill is no stranger to devoting herself to her craft the way gospel music sounds. She has an emotional voice and extensive vocal range. She chose to close out her Breathe album with a contemporary gospel song, "There Will Come a Day." The lyrics talk about holding on through the tribulations of the world.

Watch As Faith Hill Silences The Crowd To Worship The Lord As She Sings “I Surrender All”

Sometimes we feel so weak that we cannot fight our problems anymore. With this, listen to the gospel cover “I Surrender All” by Faith Hill.

Country Songs for a New Relationship

25 Country Songs for a New Relationship To Celebrate The Love

Listen to these 25 country songs for a new relationship with your partner to spice the budding romance up and feel drunk in love.

The Best Country Music Duos of all time

The Best Country Music Duos Of All Time

They say two is better than one and these country music duos are here to prove that, as they create sounds that are theirs alone.

5 Country Stars Who've Done Las Vegas Residencies

5 Country Stars Who’ve Done Las Vegas Residencies

From Shania Twain to George Strait to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, dozens of country stars have enjoyed successful and lucrative Las Vegas residencies.

Tim McGraw's daughter Audrey makes her acting debut in dad's new music video

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter Audrey makes acting debut in her dad’s new music video

Tim McGraw got a brand-new leading lady in his latest music video and it’s no other than his daughter, Audrey McGraw, for her acting debut.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Net Worth

What Are Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Net Worth Combined?

The couple has each enjoyed legendary runs in country music. Ever wonder what happens when Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s net worth are combined?

Tim McGraw's "It's Your Love"

Discover What Love Is With Tim McGraw’s Classic Hit “It’s Your Love”

If you’re looking for the perfect song for slow dances or marriage proposals, you’ll never go wrong with Tim McGraw’s “It’s Your Love.”

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s Daughter Audrey Posts Stunning ‘Outtakes’ From Recent Photoshoot

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s Daughter Audrey Shows Off Snippet From Recent Photoshoot

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter, Audrey, has done several modeling gigs since the start of her career, including one for Tory Burch.

Faith Hill's Daughter Is Basically Her Twin

Faith Hill’s Daughter Maggie and The Country Singer Has Uncanny Resemblance

Meet Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's daughter Maggie Elizabeth McGraw. Her uncanny resemblance to her famous country singer mother is undeniable.

Faith Hill's Intro On Sunday Night Football

Fans Miss Faith Hill’s Intro On Sunday Night Football

Since 2007, Faith Hill sang “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” as the theme song for NBC’s Sunday Night Football until she decided to leave in 2013.

5 Things You Never Knew About Faith Hill’s Kids

5 Fun Facts About Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Kids You Should Know

Here are five fun facts about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's kids. The three girls are all grown up now and actually taking different paths.

Faith Hill's "You Can't Lose Me"

Faith Hill’s “You Can’t Lose Me” Is A Perfect Mother’s Day Song

It’s amazing how Faith Hill's "You Can't Lose Me" catches its listeners’ hearts – especially those who look up to their moms as their biggest supporters.

Breathe by Faith Hill

How Did Breathe by Faith Hill Shot The Country Star To Crossover Fame?

Breathe by Faith Hill finds the singer singing how amazing it is to be in your lover’s arms that you tend to forget the world.

Faith Hill Joins Daughter Maggie McGraw on TikTok, and the Result Is Hilarious

Faith Hill and Daughter Maggie Shows Off Their Moves On A Viral TikTok Video

In a viral TikTok video, Maggie is seen urging her famous country singer mother to do a trending dance challenge on the popular platform.

10 Best Faith Hill Songs

Critics Choose 10 Top Faith Hill Songs Of All Time

We’ve created a playlist of Faith Hill songs. These tunes have indeed catapulted her to phenomenal success throughout the years.

Faith Hill's "This Kiss"

Faith Hill’s “This Kiss” Brings You A Fairytale Love Story

Faith Hill's "This Kiss" will inevitably get stuck in your head. After all, who could resist perpetual bliss and pivotal moment blended in upbeat tempo?

Faith Hill Bursts Into Tears While Singing ‘I Need You’ To Tim McGraw

A Sweet Moment: Faith Hill Shed Tears Singing ‘I Need You’ To Tim McGraw

Back in 2012, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw shared an iconic duet of “I Need You,” which made Hill burst into tears while singing some lines to her husband.

Tim McGraw reflects on raising 3 girls with wife Faith Hill

Tim McGraw Shares How It Feels To Raise 3 Girls With Faith Hill

With a house full of daughters, Tim McGraw spent his whole fatherhood as the only man in the house, which he finds to be an amazing experience

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