April 24

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s Daughter Audrey Shows Off Snippet From Recent Photoshoot


It looks like Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s daughter, Audrey, is about to make waves in the modeling industry. Based on her Instagram update, the 5’8” stunner has set her career to be a supermodel soon. And do you know that she’s just 19 years old?

The Hill-McGraw Genes

It’s a no-brainer that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are not only country legends but great parents too. Besides having to generously share their beautiful genes with their daughters, they also gave them the talent and confidence to succeed in whatever they want. The three daughters are Gracie McGraw, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw, and Audrey Caroline McGraw. Gracie wants to be an actor, Maggie studied climate control, and Audrey is currently a university student and a model.

Last year, Audrey modeled for Tory Burch, where her impressive photos were released last Dember. She has done other modeling gigs since the start of her career. Fierce yet calm is what she brings to every shot.

Moreover, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughters are the pride and joy of the power couple. They have spoken about it through numerous interviews. The model daughter also seems to be much closer to her eldest sister, yet the trio often likes and comments on each other’s posts on social media.

The country icon father also spoke about her girls in a 2020 interview with ET. Tim revealed how he thought his daughters to don’t take any crap from anybody. In addition to that advice, he said that being good friends to others and good daughters to them is what matters. The family is very close with each other, especially Faith Hill and the girls.

Pandemic Situation

It’s not surprising that the pandemic also affected celebrities. Because of the lockdown last March, Audrey has been stuck with her parents at home. Her father admitted how he felt terrible for his youngest daughter as many teenagers are greatly affected by this unfortunate outbreak.

Luckily, there is progress on the vaccines and severity of the pandemic. This gives hope for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter for a bright future.


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