April 27, 2020

Gracie McGraw: Meet The Eldest Daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Country music’s power couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married since 1996. They’ve proven to be a great couple and amazing parents ever since they became first-time parents to oldest daughter Gracie Elizabeth.

Gracie Mcgraw was born on May 5, 1997, and grew up in Nashville. Of all of the McGraw daughters, Gracie seems to have the greatest interest in music. Can you believe she taught herself to play the guitar? Well, let’s get to know more about Gracie below.

Gracie McGraw Can Sing, and Her Voice is Amazing

There’s no doubt to that, after all, she’s one of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill daughters. Her father proved that to be true when he shared an adorable father-daughter video from a road trip. In the short clip, the duo belted out a classic Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb song, “What Kind of Fool.”

The country music crooner let Gracie the lead for most of the song, giving her a chance to show off her incredible vocal skills. “PIPES!!!!!!……Dang, this girl can sing!” the proud dad wrote along with the video. “Gracie and I having fun with Babs and Barry on our trip. #chaseyourdreamsgirl”

Country music singer Faith Hill also showed how impressed she was by their impromptu performance and cheered for her husband and daughter in the comments section of the post. “My loves,” she wrote. “[Barbra Streisand] would be proud.” In 2015, Tim McGraw’s Damn Country Music album, Faith Hill’s daughter Gracie sang with her dad on a country music track called “Here Tonight.” 

“I was doing this song, and as I was doing the vocal on it, I was thinking, ‘Man, I bet Gracie’s vocal would sound really cool on this,'” Tim said. “I just knew the way she sang, because she’s my daughter, and I know how she sings. She has such an energy.”

The two performed the song together during Tim McGraw’s August 2015 show in Nashville.

Tim McGraw, Daughter Gracie Sing Duet in Nashville: Watch the Video

She Used to Be on a Rock Band

Tim and Faith’s daughter Gracie McGraw started a rock band, Tingo, during her college days. She was the lead singer and, at the same time, plays the rhythm guitar. The band played in several venues and recorded during breaks from school. Their songs include “Underlying Sexual Desire,” “Fireman,” and “Tinted Red.” However, the group is now no longer creating music together.

She Inspired Her Dad to Lose Weight

If there’s anyone who inspired country music star Tim McGraw to lose weight, it’s no other than his daughter Gracie. After seeing her dad in the 2008 film Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon, she told him he looked “big on the screen,” and that was enough for the country music singer to begin his weight loss journey immediately.

During that time, Tim McGraw weighed 215 pounds, and he was not even dedicated to working out at all. “I was in the prime of my career, and I wasn’t capitalizing on it,” the singer said. But because of Gracie’s comment, Tim quit alcohol and stopped eating “truck-stop foods.” He also started going to the gym regularly and lift weights. Through time, the country music crooner lost 40 pounds.

She Introduced Her Boyfriend To Her Dad and The Unexpected Happen

When Gracie started dating, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were cool about it, but they definitely like to get to know the boy and make sure he was a gentleman. “I want him to come by the house so I can say hi to him—look him in the eye,” Tim said.

But the thing is, the singer got home in the wee hours of the morning and the next morning, he totally forgot about the meeting appointment with Gracie McGraw’s boyfriend. Tim was doing a barbecue in the kitchen. He had a white apron on and a knife. He was trimming meat up, so obviously, he got chunks of meat all over his apron too! “Blood everywhere,” Tim recalled. “The doorbell rings, and I go and answer the door, and here’s this kid who’s dating Gracie standing there. I’ve got a knife in my hand and a bloody apron on…It worked out really well!”

Gracie McGraw ‘Happens To Have A Heart Bigger Than The Milky Way Galaxy’

During Gracie McGraw’s 22nd birthday last year, both her superstar parents honored her with touching tributes that allows us to peek who Gracie is as a person. “I can’t believe this beautiful light in our lives, the wild and crazy, beautiful, smart immeasurably talented young lady. Who just happens to have a heart bigger than the Milky Way galaxy,” her father wrote. “My oldest daughter, My heart and soul ….. Is 22 today. We love you to the end of the universe!!! You’re gonna slay this year!!!!!!”

Faith Hill also celebrated by sharing a quote Gracie said when she was just seven years old. The quote says: “‘I once was a baby, and I grew up to be me.”

She Is Chasing Her Dreams In Los Angeles To Become An Actor

“It’s kind of wild that Nashville has been my home base for my whole life, but it never really felt like home to me,” Gracie shared in a lengthy Instagram post late last year. “Tomorrow, I start my journey to the big LA baby!!!”

Tim and Faith’s daughter Gracie McGraw said that it would be difficult to leave her friends in Tennessee, but she doesn’t feel sad about chasing a new adventure. “This is a start of a journey where I can actually care about myself and do things for ME!! I’ve never been that person, and honestly, it’s very scary, but I’m so proud of myself.” She shared the news along with a photo of her that showed her as the “powerful woman” she is.

Her dad, though, is quite sad that she’s moving away, but at the same time, he is totally proud of his daughter. “She’s 22, and on one hand, it’s sad,” the country music singer said. “But on the other hand, to have the gumption to go out and chase your dreams … it feels like we did a pretty good job.” “I’m proud of her,” he added.

We will have to wait and see what’s in store for Gracie McGraw, along with her two other sisters, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw and Audrey Caroline McGraw!


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