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Shania Twain Gave A Brave Tribute To Those Who Fought In Wars In The Song “Soldier”

Shania Twain Gave A Brave Tribute To Those Who Fought In Wars In The Song "Soldier"

In 2017, Canadian country icon Shania Twain released one of the most heartfelt ballads to ever grace radio stations called “Soldier.” It’s the final track to her album Now, which she released after being missing in action for fifteen years. 

The song was truly emotional! It is a powerful and poignant ballad that will surely seep into every corner of your being and will even tug at your heartstrings – just like what it did for Twain.

Shania Twain Paid Respect To Those Who Fought In Wars

Written by Shania Twain herself, “Soldier” sings about the sacrifices the military service members and their families make during wartime. 

The song was also written from the point of view of a woman worrying about her love, perhaps waiting for her soldier to return home.

“Don’t close the door when you leave. It’s cold out. I need to see the air when you breathe and say out loud. That you’ll be home soon. Not to worry, you’re gonna hurry back. Has anybody seen my soldier, standing all alone? Has anybody seen my soldier just trying to get home?” the song goes.

Twain once revealed to Access Hollywood Live that “Soldier” was one of the toughest songs she has ever written that she couldn’t get through a verse without sobbing.

“I cried so much,” Twain said. “I would write a few words, and then I would start crying, and I’d have to take a break, and then I’d carry on writing, and then I’d have to take another break. It was very emotional writing that song.”

“The song is all about letting go and maybe being the last time you ever see someone… I relate it to many people in my life,” she added. “People that I’ve had to say goodbye to or let go of. That song was a journey, emotionally, in itself.”

“Soldier” was also featured in the 2017 film, Thank You for Your Service. The movie tells the story of a group of American soldiers who return from Iraq, struggling to come back to their normal civilian lives after experiencing the unique and often severe circumstances of serving our country.

The song was also accompanied by an emotional music video. It transitions between scenes of Twain performing on her “NOW” tour and the heartwarming videos of soldiers coming back home to their loved ones.

“My song ‘Soldier’ is about the heartbreak of having to say goodbye to a loved one. I wanted to make this video to honor the men and women who serve their country every day. Hope you like it,” she wrote about the music video on her Twitter. You can watch it below.

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