July 11

Margo Price’s “How Rumors Get Started” is Proof that Mediocrity is Not in Her Vocabulary

Margo Price used what many thought to be a career hiccup to unconventionally record her album “How Rumors Get Started” which was released yesterday.

“When you do the same thing over and over, you’re going to get the same outcome. My goal is to transform.” Price says as she reflects on how change can ‘change’ one person’s upbringing.

When she recorded the 10-track album, she was going through the challenges of motherhood of bringing her unborn baby to the recording sessions. She did it all in Los Angeles with her personal colleague and co-artist Sturgill Simpson who also stood as her music producer.

But aside from this out of the ordinary approach of handling a career while expecting, the album itself brought a change of style to her music as she moves onto the 70’s rock rather than her usual traditional country music. She also preferred changing her recording sets from having a live band playing along to using an ace studio crew.

Her Inspiration for Change

Her newborn daughter and third child Ramona, which she gave birth to this June, presented as a challenge for Price. She, however, told Esquire that she used her pregnancy to her benefit by seeing it as a source of inspiration and not a hindrance to her musical career.

“I’ve always admired artists that could adapt and change and not make the same record over and over … It was really important … to kind of make a little bit of a sonic change. I kinda wanted to show people that I’m not some one-trick pony that just sings country songs” she added.

The New Margo Price

Margo Price said that she would never allow anyone or anything to distract her from the things she does just because it’s the “usual” way to do things. Instead, she does things her own way to express her creative peace. And through “How Rumors Get Started,” Price shows the world that she’s not only made for country music and that she is capable of more.

It’s not that she rejects the current standards of the world of music. What she does is simply modifying them to suit well to her personality and the changes in her life, else she’ll find it boring. This requires a great sum of dedication, and her being pregnant at that time became another stepping stone in reaching her goals.

“How Rumors Get Started” is Margo Price‘s third studio album since Midwest Farmer’s Daughter in March 2016. Schedule for her tours and album promotion is still undetermined.


Margo Price

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