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Meet Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Middle Child, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw

When two talented singers get together, they sometimes create beautiful music, but when these two people are Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, they create beautiful children too. Today, we will get to know their middle child, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw.

Maggie, who was born on August 12, 1988 in the United States, is turning out to be one fine young woman. Here’s what we’ve gathered about her.

Of Course, She Can Sing Too

Much like her other two sisters, Gracie McGraw and Audrey Caroline McGraw, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw has a beautiful singing voice. She had some duets with her mother several times to prove that.

When Maggie Elizabeth McGraw moved out of their home to enter college two years ago, her mother made a long road trip go by faster with a little sing-along. Faith Hill shared a sweet video of herself and Maggie as they jammed to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood in a car full of dorm room supplies.

During Maggie’s 21st birthday last year, her mother marked the milestone by sharing a throwback video of herself and Maggie in the car together as they sang along to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.”

In 2018, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw also wowed the crowd during her parents’ Soul2Soul tour in London, Ontario. Tim McGraw introduced her, saying that his daughter decided to sing a song for the big crowd. “She’s pretty incredible too. Ladies and Gentlemen, our daughter, Maggie McGraw,” Tim exclaimed. Maggie Elizabeth McGraw belted her own version of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ blues ballad, “I Put a Spell on You.” As soon as Maggie started singing, revealing her soulful vocals, the crowd also started roaring for their approval.

Unfortunately, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw doesn’t seem to be interested in pursuing a career in music.

She’s Often Seen With Her Dad in the Red Carpet

During the American Music Awards 2016 in L.A, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw hit the red carpet and looked stunning as ever. She posed for the cameras in a body-conscious black jumpsuit, topped with a moto jacket while her proud dad stood by her side.

She definitely had fun inside the Microsoft Theater. She did not only get to pose with Lady Gaga, but Maggie also had the chance to watch her dad accept the award for Favorite Country Song for the hit “Humble and Kind.”

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw also accompanied her dad to the 2016 CMT Awards in Nashville. She was seen dressed stylishly but at the same time demurely in all sparkling black dress. Maggie definitely stood out for her gorgeous look. We hope to see many more red carpet appearances of Maggie soon!

She Looks Eerily Alike With Her Mother

The saying “like mother, like daughter” is certainly true for Faith Hill and Maggie. And as Maggie is growing older, she is more and more looking like her mother. The world noticed how much she looked like her mother during the 2016 CMT Awards.

Though Maggie seems like she got her father’s dark brown eyes, her facial features bear an almost identical profile to her mother’s.

She’s a Student of Stanford University

Maggie clearly got one steady head on her shoulders as she is studying climate control at Stanford University.

“Maggie is a free diver,” her father said. “She’s always been interested in the ocean, so her primary interest is marine biology. She’s just about to start college, and we’ll see where it takes her. But that’s always been her biggest interest.”

She Has Joined A Rock Group

It looks like Maggie Elizabeth McGraw has also joined a rock group since starting college at Stanford. In one of Tim McGraw’s interviews, he revealed that he sneaks into his daughters’ rock concerts.

“I haven’t missed a club show yet,” Tim said. “There’s been a few frat party shows that I’ve missed of Maggie’s out there in Palo Alto, but I try to make every show that I can.”

She’s Not Only Beautiful On The Outside But On The Inside Too

When her father teamed up with Prince Harry for the 2016 Invictus Games, an international sporting event for wounded military veterans, Maggie tagged along. She also had the chance to meet Prince of Wales during a reception at the British ambassador’s residence.

Tim McGraw couldn’t resist posting a photo of him in his social media laughing with the Prince Harrys, as Maggie stood by, looking all grown up.

She Definitely Knows to Have Some Fun With Her Parents

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill may be country superstars, but they definitely know how to embarrass their daughters. Recently, we’ve got Maggie’s grossed out reaction when she filmed a selfie while sitting on the couch, and her parents had a conversation in the background. 

Faith Hill can be heard saying, “I look 50…I at least look 30,” as Maggie made a skeptical face. “She got that booty going on!” Tim McGraw cried out in the most robust voice, and Faith replied, “Oh, yeah,” at which point Maggie’s expression went from being grossed out to horrified. 

Her father uploaded the video on Twitter and wrote in the caption: “Embarrassing your daughters” with laughing so hard, crying face emoji. The Twitter fans totally loved it and were gushing about the video.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill daughters are definitely growing up to be fun yet strong and independent women. The country supers are totally doing a great job.


Maggie Elizabeth McGraw

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