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Meet Faith Hill’s Daughters: All Grown Up and Glowed Up

Faith Hill’s daughters – Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey – are all grown up and they’re definitely attracting the limelight. After all, if you’re a daughter of not just one but two powerhouse country music artists, it’s not something you could entirely escape. But all of this limelight is duly deserved. These girls are not just the name they carry. They’re all grown up now, even more beautiful (inside and out), and still definitely talented. 

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are both very proud of their daughters. In one interview, Tim shared the girls are so grounded and humble with such big hearts. And they definitely work hard to accomplish things. He also mentioned how they’re smarter than him and Faith, and they could not have asked for better kids. 

Now that Grace, Maggie, and Audrey are all grown up and glowed up, let’s know more about these gorgeous ladies.  

Gracie Katherine McGraw, 23

Gracie Katherine McGraw is the oldest daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. She is currently pursuing an acting career with Creative Artists Agency based in Los Angeles, California. Before joining the entertainment industry, Gracie earned her college degree at New York University. 

Born from two vocally-talented parents, it’s no surprise that Gracie can also definitely sing. In fact, she already recorded a duet with her father for the song ‘Here Tonight,’ featured in McGraw’s Damn Country Music album released in 2015. In that same year, Gracie also graced the stage with a live duet with her father at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. 

It’s not just that. Gracie learned how to play the guitar alone. She also formed and fronted an all-female-alt-rock group named Tingo back in high school. The group used to perform publicly (they booked shows without the help of the famous parents) and record songs in between their college seme2sters. Unfortunately, the band no longer creates music together. 

Gracie still loves to sing tho, and you can catch clips of her singing on her Instagram. She even amazed many with her amazing vocals with her cover of ‘The Wizard and I’ from the Broadway musical ‘Wicked’ just last November. 

Truly, Gracie’s undeniably a talented lady. 

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw, 22

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw is the middle child, lovingly nicknamed by her dad as Maggie May. And she’s definitely just as talented as her sister, Gracie. Maggie went to Stanford University, graduating with a course on climate control just last year. Now, she’s heading back again for a master’s degree in sustainability science. 

But Maggie is more than just an intellectual lady. She’s the lead singer of a rock band named Sister Supply. The band has already performed at the Frost Music Festival at Stanford University back in 2018 with their original Sister Supply song ‘Nausea.’ The band also covered several rock songs for the show as well. You can catch photos of her performances on her Instagram. 

She also attended events with her dad, like the 2016 American Music Awards and the 2016 CMT Music Awards. Maggie was also notably very much alike-looking with her mother Faith and passed as her dad’s date for those nights. 

Aside from studying and singing, Maggie also actively does volunteer social work with her dad. In an interview with US Weekly, Maggie mentioned that they have learned to give because the three of them were raised with that mindset. Last year, she spent most of her time with ‘Feed the Frontliners,’ a Nashville-based charitable organization. 

And when she’s not doing anything of the above, Maggie enjoys adventurous activities like skydiving, cliff jumping, and even swimming with sharks. She’s also a free diver. 

Audrey Caroline McGraw, 19

Audrey Caroline McGraw is the youngest of the three siblings and is considered Faith’s Mini-Me. Before, it was Maggie, but as the girls grew, Audrey became more and more like Faith. 

The two attended the 2019 Versace Pre Fall runway show in New York City, and they wowed everyone with their amazing visuals. Audrey looked like a dark-haired version of Faith Hill. It’s no wonder that Audrey is now working as a model for the brand Tony Burch. 

Audrey just graduated high school last year and is now pursuing film-making in New York City. And although she may not have had the same exposure on stage as her sisters, this girl can sing as well. 

In one of her dad’s shows, Sundown Heaven Town Tour, Audrey stunned the audience as she took the VIP Tent stage with her rendition of Dixie’s Chick’s ‘Travelin’ Soldier.’ This song was first released in 2002 from the Dixie Chick’s album ‘Home,’ which immediately climbed to the No. 1 on the chart. 

The clip, which was uploaded in 2014, had 1.2 million views. 

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have created beautiful music with their duets ‘Let’s Make Love’ and ‘Like We Never Loved At All,’ which also won them a Grammy award. Not just that, the two also collaborated for the album ‘The Rest of Our Life’ and also did a world together named ‘Soul2Soul World Tour’. 

While the powerhouse couple has undeniably created beautiful music together, their most prized creations would be their three loving and beautiful daughters. And whether any of them would try to pick a career in the music industry, the choice is entirely theirs. 

According to Faith, they both knew what it takes to do music for a living, but they didn’t want to stand in the way of their daughters’ dreams. As much as she wanted to protect them as a mom, she also wanted to make sure that they aren’t disappointed. 

She knew that she was once their age, and she understood the passion and drive. And for her, she just has to let them go and do it. Faith also believed that it’s better to let the children go through these things on their own rather than directing them on what to do. 

And it seems like their parenting style really worked. Faith Hill’s daughters grew up to be very strong ladies who can stand up on their own and face their own paths. 

Make sure to check more updates about the girls in the video below.


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