February 11

Johnny Cash And Waylon Jennings Put On Big Smiles As Their Wives Serenade Them

While we may know Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings as the seasoned members of the Highwaymen and among country music’s all-time greats – the two talented artists are actually pretty good buddies. Their longtime friendship can even be traced all the way back to when they shared a one-bedroom residence in the Madison Apartments in Tennessee.

In fact, the two old friends appeared on a show hosted by David Letterman, and they quickly got lost in their walk down memory lane, talking about their lives when they were roommates. Jennings even called it “the great times.”

When Friends Become Family

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Johnny Cash was one of the first people to support Waylon Jennings, appearing as a special guest on his show Waylon Jennings and Friends. But he didn’t show up on his own; he brought with him his wife, five-time Grammy award-winning June Carter Cash.

The country superstars joined Jennings and his wife Jessi Colter in a living room setting. As if the reunion of four country icons wasn’t enough, the incredible happened when the ladies thought it would be fun to try serenading their husbands. Colter went up first, singing to her “favorite man” – to which Jennings teasingly responded with a snore. The four of them got a good laugh, playfully bantering with each other.

June Carter Cash then sang a song she wrote, professing how she will always love Johnny Cash. “Til the mountains split open with the weight of sun, we’ll rise up together as one,” it goes. A verse also includes her longtime friendship with Jennings.

Aren’t we all lucky to see two of country music’s most legendary couples in one frame? Make sure to check out June Carter Cash and Jessi Colter, impressively serenading their husbands in the video below.


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