January 14

Brandi Carlile and Hozier Slaying them High Notes in “The Joke” Live

You know when singers are good at their craft if they haven’t started the song yet, and everyone is already howling, applauding, and cheering the artists.

Brandi Carlile and Hozier sang “The Joke” live at the Newport Folk Festival, much to the attendees’ delight, on July 2019. “The Joke” is among Brandi Carlile’s songs she performed live in various shows such as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Americanafest, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the prestigious Grammy Awards.

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The event’s live video started with Hozier still on the mic, smiling and waving to the fans as he announced that Brandi Carlile was there and would be performing with him. Brandi Carlile first spoke to the microphone and thanked the people behind the event for giving her the opportunity to sing the song again. After a bit of laughing, Brandi strummed her guitar and sang the song.

The audience enjoyed the live performance as Brandi Carlile and Hozier showcased their singing talent after belting out (and ultimately slaying) the high notes. At one point, towards the end of the song, Brandi held the high note for a while, and fans lost it because of how stable, perfect, and fantastic that part was.

The live performance also proves that the pair enjoyed the show together because they were all smiles throughout the performance. It is truly astonishing to see that these kinds of artists never fail to deliver their best to give their fans one of the best live performances of their lives.

Brandi Carlile and Hozier strongly ended “The Joke” as they acknowledged and thanked each other, as fans applauded and cheered for them. Before moving on to the next performance, the two shared a warm embrace while personally exchanging their gratitude for each other.

Check out their live performance at the Newport Folk Festival below.


Brandi Carlile, Hozier

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