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Brandi Carlile and Hozier Teams Up for a Beautiful Rendition of “The Joke”

Brandi Carlile definitely pulled out all the stops during the Newport Folk Festival! She not only did songs with her fellow Highwomen but also did spectacular duets.

One with the legendary Dolly Parton, and another with one of the biggest indie artists – Hozier. He chorused in on a very stripped-down, stunning rendition of Carlile’s smash hit “The Joke.”

Brandi Carlile, The Joke, Hozier
via Newport Folk Festival’s Official Twitter Account

Brandi Carlile and Hozier Making Amazing Music

The crowd understandably cheered when Carlile joined singer-songwriter Hozier onstage during the 2019 Newport Folk Festival on Sunday, the 28th of July to perform the fan-favorite song.

Brandi Carlile, The Joke, Hozier
via Newport Folk Festival’s Official Twitter Account

But before she belted out her hit, the singer explained that she had to take the song out of her own set, but for a very good reason.

“Last night at the amazing super-jam we got to do, Judy Collins started telling her story about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. And my tour manager held up a sign that said, ‘You gotta cut “The Joke.””

The day prior, the iconic Judy Collins have been one of the famed singers who performed with Carlile onstage for an all-star jam that included a long list of female powerhouses, namely, the Highwomen, Dolly Parton, and many others.

Brandi Carlile, The Joke, Hozier
via Brandi Carlile’s Official Twitter Account

Parton joined the Highwomen for “Jolene,” “Just Because I’m a Woman,” and “Eagle When She Flies.” She also performed with Carlile in her song “I Will Always Love You” and was joined by all the women on stage for her iconic hit “9 to 5.”

According to Reliz, the lengthy collaboration-filled set, where Collins and Carlile performed a rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now.” In the midst of the surprises and the duets, Carlile explained onstage during Hozier’s set the following day, the two performers had gotten carried away and forgotten the time. Whoops!

But Hozier, forever the gentleman, was there to the rescue! He brought the hit to awaiting fans and added his amazing vocals to the amazing track.

Listen to the amazing rendition here!

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Brandi Carlile, Hozier

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