September 20

Matt Jordan Starts New Chapter With His Song “Never Look Back”


Matt Jordan returns after a 3-year hiatus with a new single entitled “Never Look Back.” This single will be coming out this September 20, 2019. Don’t miss to grab your copy!

Matt Jordan’s Comeback

Like other men, Matt Jordan does not talk a lot but have an awful lot of words to say in mind. His song writings are his way to communicate with his listeners. With this, the words put into it show a part of his life story which he does not usually tell other people.

Never Look Back, Matt Jordan
Via Twitter.com

Have you heard his debut single Alive? Well, this song is his favorite single made and it came out while listening to Bruce Springsteen. The song is inspired by his life story when he was still a kid who have so many dreams in life. He grew up in a small town where he is exposed to meet a lot of different types of people and have enjoyed his teenage life. According to him, even if he had not experienced living in town, he noticed that some of the people residing in there do not have work and are not settled down. With this, he wonders about the life he had if he were in their shoes.

“Alive” gave a huge success on his musical career. It’s no wonder the Missouri native has garnered the attention of the people. He has been influenced by American classics.

Matt Jordan, Never Look Back
Via Twitter.com

In addition, Matt Jordan was on the rise until one day, his life changed. The changed that happened was when he became a father.

“Having kids changes everything,” Matt says. “and having some time off, I was able to go back to the drawing board. We got a new band, recorded some new tunes, polished up some old ones and are writing like never before.”

Now, he is back again! Matt Jordan returns into music with his single “Never Look Back.” A month ago, he released the official audio of the song. According to Jordan, this song is the perfect song to start his journey after he left the music industry.

“It’s the perfect song to release first,” says Jordan. “It sets the tone for the rest of the singles we have lined up and the title is fitting. This is a new chapter. We’re starting this thing over, hitting it hard and never looking back. We’re ready to go.”

Listen to Matt Jordan’s “Never Look Back” below:



Matt Jordan, Never Look Back, The Comeback

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