December 9

Apologies and Realizations in Jason Aldean’s “Why”

It is often confusing as to why love hurts that much. Also, realizations always haunt us after we’ve done something, whether right or wrong.

A 2005 country ballad song, “Why,” was initially recorded by Jason Aldean as part of his self-titled album. Upon release, the track landed in the 49th spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and peaked at the #1 spot after a few weeks. It was the first track Jason released that topped the country charts.

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“Why” is one of Jason Aldean’s songs that feature the smooth, electric guitar and his vocals that still has that country vibe. His songs prove that country still doesn’t die despite the modern sounds that are evident in today’s songs.

About The Song

Written by Vicky McGehee, Rodney Clawson, and John Rich, Jason Aldean’s “Why” talks about a man realizing what he has done to his lover. The man questions his actions and why he’s always hurting his lover in different ways. He pushes her away until she is fed up. He breaks her using the words that he’s told her. He says he’s sorry and doesn’t mean to make her cry, but the woman is already on the verge of leaving when he realizes his mistakes.

The song became so relatable to the listeners because it is realistic. Relationships have their ups and downs and challenges that both parties must work on together to make that bond last. Sometimes, however, we put ourselves first, and we disregard the feelings of our significant other. Although other factors may come into the picture, it is why conflicts arise in the relationship.

Open communication plays a crucial role in a relationship. To convey clear thoughts, ideas, and feelings to one another, both parties should maintain honesty and value their trust.

Take a listen to Jason Aldean’s “Why” below.


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