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Here Are Jason Aldean Songs That Made Him Into A Genuine Country Superstar

While most of Jason Aldean songs focused more on the country lifestyle, he never fails to show his versatility in doing gentler ballads from time to time.

But it’s definitely his more raucous tunes that helped him build his brand as one of the leading male country superstars of his generation whose career boasts countless hits and prestigious awards. Did you know he won ACM Entertainer of the Year – not only once, but three times? Indeed, he’s one of the most celebrated artists of all time.

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Well, without further ado, here’s a look back at Jason Aldean‘s greatest hits so far.

1. “Why”

From: Jason Aldean (2005)

“Why” is a mid-tempo ballad – narrating the story of a man who finally came to realize how much emotional pain he’s causing his lover – turned out to be Aldean’s first No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. 

It was released as the second single off Aldean’s self-titled debut album, and it definitely showcased Aldean’s softer side.

2. “Drowns the Whiskey” 

From: Rearview Town (2018)

Aldean joined forced with Miranda Lambert for this lost-love lament – and as expected, “Drowns The Whiskey” turned out to be a smashing hit. In addition to soaring to the top Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, it also earned three nominations during the 52nd annual CMA Awards, including Musical Event of the Year.

3. “Big Green Tractor”

From: Wide Open (2009)

Aldean has been known for his riveting anthems and comical tracks – and “Big Green Tractor” is one great example of that. It turned out to be the singer’s third No. 1 country hit and even the biggest one. The song is actually the first to spend four weeks at No. 1 since Brad Paisley’s “Letter to Me.”

4. “My Kinda Party”

From: My Kinda Party (2010)

Although Aldean didn’t write “My Kinda Party,” he felt it was as if it was custom-made for him. The up-tempo country rock song features a picture-perfect night out at a tailgate and bonfire party, followed by what the man in the song hopes will be a “one-night rodeo.”

5. “Dirt Road Anthem”

From: My Kinda Party (2010)

The country rap song became a huge hit for Aldean, selling more than four million digital downloads, making it the best-selling song by a male country solo artist. The song – expressing country pride and southern values – earned a Best Country Solo Performance nomination during the 54th Grammy Awards, too.

6. “She’s Country”

From: Wide Open (2008)

This was Aldean’s second country chart-topper, which took the singer’s career off at an uncontrollable rate. The song celebrates country girls from different rural locations, which he sang so swiftly it nearly appears to be rapping – indeed establishing Aldean’s signature country-rock sound.

7. “Don’t You Wanna Stay”

From: My Kinda Party (2010)

One of the best collaborations that have ever graced country music was definitely Aldean and Kelly Clarkson’s “Don’t You Wanna Stay” where the two country superstars exchange vocals about wanting to stay together for a little while.

8. “The Truth”

From: Wide Open (2009)

Fans got to witness the more sentimental side of him in “The Truth,” which finds Aldean grieving for a failing relationship but doesn’t want anybody to know. The singer noted that anyone who went through a serious breakup would absolutely relate to the song.

9. “Amarillo Sky”

From: Jason Aldean (2006)

Aldean proves his genuine country cred with the release of his third single, “Amarillo Sky,” which expresses the plight of Texas farmers. Plagued by various challenges such as droughts and hailstorms, the song is about the farmers’ prayers for their farms’ survival.

10. “Fly Over States”

From: My Kinda Party (2010)

Aldean remains true to his Georgia roots on this small-town life anthem. It tells the story of two men flying from New York to Los Angeles. As they looked down on the “fly over states,” they were confused about why anyone would live in the area. Aldean gave them the answer in the chorus.

11. “You Make It Easy”

From: Rearview Town (2018)

The love ballad was penned by Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard with country star Morgan Wallen – wherein Aldean professed how easy it is to love his special someone.

12. “Tattoos on This Town”

From: My Kinda Party (2010)

This nostalgia-filled ballad reflects on growing up in a small town and how it can impact a young man’s life.

13. “Any Ol’ Barstool”

From: They Don’t Know (2016)

Aldean definitely knows how life’s going to be after a breakup, and this is what this song is all about. The man in the song pretends that he’s just fine without her when the truth is he’s not.

14. “The Only Way I Know” 

From: Night Train (2012)

Aldean enlisted his fellow country stars Eric Church and Luke Bryan in this rockin’ country track that celebrates the small-town values.

15. “Hicktown”

From: Jason Aldean (2005)

Released as his debut single, the guitar-driven track introduced Aldean’s reckless, country boy side as he sings about the different ways small-town people entertain themselves.

More of Jason Aldean Songs Forged With His Own Unique Musical Style 

With such a history of hit songs behind him, we can just go on and on with Aldean’s best hits. Here are some more.

  • “Take a Little Ride”
  • “Burnin’ It Down”
  • “Crazy Town”
  • “Night Train”
  • “When She Says Baby”
  • “Lights Come On”
  • “Rearview Town”
  • “Just Gettin’ Started”
  • “Gonna Know We Were Here”
  • “A Little More Summertime”

Indeed, Jason Aldean songs are one of the best tracks to ever hit the country radio. It influenced the direction of country music, earning him a devoted fan base along the way.


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