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April 8, 2024


April 8, 2024


April 8, 2024

American R&B and Pop artist Beyonce Knowles surely knows how to surprise fans as she showcased brilliance with her eighth studio album, Cowboy Carter, released on March 29. She infuses Black heritage into the country record with a powerful follow-up to her critically acclaimed album Renaissance

Does Willie Nelson sing with Beyonce?

Shedding light on the new era, the album features the country music icon Willie Nelson as the voice of KNTRY Radio Texas on the interludes of Smoke Hour ★ Willie Nelson and Smoke Hour II.

In the 27-track album, Beyonce perfectly blends in hip-hop beats, demonstrating her versatility across genres. With Nelson’s appearance, the superstar embraces his influence on breaking barriers in resistance to the conventional. 

As a trailblazer in outlaw country, Nelson has been a valuable contributor to the genre and challenged the music industry conservatism of the Nashville sound during the 1960s.

Together, this collaboration made an impactful masterpiece with Nelson narrating his early career as a disc jockey in Texas. Nelson’s interludes point out messages of liberation from conservative values and defying gaps in music genres. 

The major jump of genre swirled Beyhive to put on their cowboy boots and hats as they rode along to the songs in the highly-anticipated album. Fans yeehawed X with excitement and enthusiasm even days after its release.

Beyonce’s pivot to country music is not a surprise considering the success of Texas Hold ‘Em released on February 11 during the Superbowl. It became the first song by a Black woman to top the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs.

With the noticeable exclusion of Black artists from country music, Queen Bey’s ties to southern culture and the genre is expected to bring more visibility to Black country musicians. 

Gallop along as she assembles a team of diversified collaborators! Right after you listen to her track My Rose, catch the interlude of the superstar Beyonce with the country veteran Willie Nelson Smoke Hour ★ Willie Nelson below.


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