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“Amazing Grace” and The Different Renditions


The people we love will accept us even when we do something wrong, but this doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes, they will give up on us because they have reached their limit. Who’s going to help us then? Who can save us?

We should never lose hope for there is someone out there who’s willing to be there for us. All we have to do is confess our sins, and pray to Him. God is our ultimate savior. Despite all of our sins and wickedness, God is always ready to accept us and cleanse our souls. His grace is sufficient for all of us.

Today, as we ask God to open up our heart to accept His grace, we also take a look at one gospel song, who talks about God’s saving grace, “Amazing Grace.”

amazing grace different versions gospel song
Photo Credit: Amazing Grace/ godtube.com

The Origin

The hymn was written by John Newton in 1779. Before Newton met God, he was a lost man. He first gave his service to the Royal Navy. After leaving his work, he engaged in a dark path. He became involved in the trading of slaves. The first time he called upon God’s name was when the ship he was in was caught in a storm. However, he didn’t immediately leave his job.

Newton only became fully committed to God when he was ordained in the Church of England in 1764. It was during his time in there that he wrote the famous hymn “Amazing Grace.”

Different Versions of “Amazing Grace”

There are known to be almost thousands of renditions of this song. Its simple yet powerful words hooked everyone into it. Let’s take a look at some of the notable versions.

Mahalia Jackson

One of the most beautiful versions of this hymn was by the Queen of Gospel Mahalia Jackson in 1947. Jackson often performs this song in her concerts.

Johnny Cash

The rendition of Johnny Cash became part of his album Sings Precious Memories in 1975. Cash dedicated this song to his brother Jack.

Elvis Presley

In 1971, the King of Rock and Roll released his Grammy Award Winning album He Touched Me. The album contained twelve traditional gospel songs, which includes his version of “Amazing Grace.”


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson included in his album The Sound in the Mind his version of “Amazing Grace.” He released the song and the album in 1976.

Other Versions Released

Other artists who recorded the song were Skeeter Davis, Aretha Franklin, Rod Stewart, Sam Cooke, and more.

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