April 3

A Sweet Moment: Faith Hill Shed Tears Singing ‘I Need You’ To Tim McGraw

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw shared an iconic duet singing “I Need You” at McGraw’s Brothers Of The Sun Tour back in August of 2012. In the middle of the song, Hill bursts into tears while singing some lines to husband Tim McGraw.

The Nashville sweet couple proved again why most fans model them as relationship goals. After 20+ years of marriage, the two still have a lot of steam on their red-hot romance. This was obvious when Faith Hill suddenly became overwhelmed because of her love for Tim McGraw. The beautiful country singer chokes on the emotional lyric, “Like the Father and The Son need the Holy Ghost, I need you,” which made some fans shed tears. 

She attempts to compose herself but fails as she cannot sing further, ultimately succumbing to her strong emotions.

“I Need You” is about admitting your feelings to the one you love. It’s a sweet song that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill recorded together in 2007. The duo took turns singing each verse which was purposeful as they didn’t want to harmonize like a traditional duet. It turned out to be effective as fans loved and helped the couple smash the hit charts. McGraw further explained that he didn’t want their voices to ever touch on this song. He initially thought it would be cool if they sang without blending their vocals.

The country hunk husband also revealed that he still gets nervous singing with his wife. McGraw complemented Hill for her soulful and great singing, which makes him scared of screwing up their performance. “I Need You” reached No.8 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and No.50 on the all-genre Hot 100 chart.

In terms of family life, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughters are now all grown up. Their oldest daughter, Gracie, is currently living in Los Angeles to pursue acting. Maggie, the middle child, is pursuing her master’s degree at Stanford University in California. And last but not least, Audrey, their youngest daughter, is a class 2020 high school graduate who’s studying film making. All three girls can sing just like their parents, but none are clearly pursuing the music industry.

Faith Hill bursting into tears while singing “I Need You” to her husband, Tim McGraw, will always be iconic in the country music scene. You can watch the fan video below capturing this moment.


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