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Tim McGraw + My Best Friend

Tim McGraw’s “My Best Friend”: More Than a Lover!

Lover or best friend? Here’s the meaning behind Tim McGraw’s country music hit song “My Best Friend.” 

Tim McGraw Scores 47th No. 1 Single, Surpasses Chart Record Held By George Strait

Tim McGraw Has Broken George Strait’s Record On The Charts

Tim McGraw is definitely enjoying a thriving career! The country singer actually just brought his recent single, "Standing Room Only," to No. 1. 

15 Country songs about redemption

15 Country Songs About Redemption And Having A Second Chance

Are you looking for country songs about redemption? We got you covered as we gathered the best ones to inspire and help you move forward onto a more positive path.

10 Country songs about being true to yourself

10 Country Songs About Being True To Yourself To Help You Embrace Who You Are

If forging your own identity is a struggle you've been dealing with for some time, fret not, as we have here the best country songs about being true to yourself.

15 songs about taking risks

12 Country Songs About Taking Risks That Make You Go For What You Want

Here are country songs about taking risks that will help you forget your fear and chase after what your heart desires – or conquer whatever risk you need to take today.

18 Country songs about money

18 Country Songs About Money and Wealth That Will Keep You Motivated and Inspired 

Here are some of the most popular country songs about money to inspire you to overcome whatever financial hardships you face or simply jam out.

15 Country songs about the simple life

15 Country Songs About The Simple Life To Help You Embrace The Joy of Slowing Down

We are sharing some of the most exciting country songs about the simple life that will get you thinking about how living without frills is the right thing to do.

25 Country songs about missing someone

25 Country Songs About Missing Someone That Will Provide You Comfort And Reassurance

It’s amazing how listening to country songs about missing someone helps you express your feelings and reminds you that you are not alone in this experience.

15 country songs about life

15 Soulful, Meaningful, and Deep Country Songs About Life

There are so many country songs about life that deliver nuggets of wisdom and speak through our hearts, reminding us that life can be a beautiful journey or a crazy ride.

10 country songs about living life to the fullest

10 Country Songs About Living Life To The Fullest And Enjoy Each Day

If you want to live your life better but are unsure where to begin, why don’t you try blasting your speakers with these country songs about living life to the fullest?

30 best country songs about family

The 30 Best Country Songs About Family to Make Them Feel Loved

A family is the best thing you can have; people to lean on and trust, people who love you for who you are. These 30 best country songs about family will make you appreciate them more.

15 Uplifting Country Songs to Add to Your Positive Vibes Playlist

15 Uplifting Country Songs to Add to Your Positive Vibes Playlist

Having a bad stressful day is a normal thing. And with a touch of music, everything would be different. So here are 15 Uplifting country songs that will get you in the mood.

Top 10 Most Hottest Country Music Men

Top 10 Hottest Country Music Men

Artists of the old and new generations will grace this list of the 10 hottest country music men singers, but this time, it's more than just the looks.

50 Best Country Rap Songs You Should Have on Your Playlist ASAP!

If you just discovered country rap, you might find yourself overwhelmed and needing help figuring out where to start. So, we have decided to introduce you to 50 of the best country rap songs.

Real Good Man +Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw Says Boys Aren’t Always Bad Men in “Real Good Man”

In 2003, Tim McGraw released "Real Good Man" as a single off his album, Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors. It was such a hit, ranking No. 1 on the country chart.

Tim McGraw - Please Remember Me

Definitely Heartbreaking: Tim McGraw’s “Please Remember Me”

Heartbreaks are no stranger to all of us. If you haven’t experienced one, Tim McGraw’s rendition of “Please Remember Me” might leave you in tears.

17 Controversial Country Songs

17 Controversial Country Songs That You Probably Overlooked

Controversial country songs are abundant, despite country music being a fun and celebratory genre. We've compiled 17 country songs that we think are the "Most Controversial" songs in country music.

30 Best country karaoke

30 Country Karaoke Duets Of All Time That You Can Sing With Anyone

Grab the microphone right now, pull a friend or your partner, or even a stranger, and sing your hearts out with these 30 country karaoke duets.

My Best Friend - Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw Shares How Great It Is To Finally Find The Right One In His Song “My Best Friend”

In 1999, Tim McGraw released "My Best Friend" as the third single from his album A Place in the Sun. The country singer said it's one of his favorite recordings.

Tim McGraw Facts

Check Out These Interesting Facts About Country Star Tim McGraw That You May Not Know Yet

Three-time Grammy Award winner Tim McGraw is one of the most perennially successful artists in country music. And we're going to get to know him better with these facts!

10 Country Songs Inspired By Kids

10 Country Songs Inspired By Kids That’s Perfect Upon The Arrival of Your Bundle of Joy

These country songs inspired by kids will make you realize how children can change someone's life and make lives better in more ways than you can count.

inspiring country songs

Inspiring Country Songs That Will Uplift You Every Morning

Take a dose of inspiring country songs with this list so that you’ll have the strength to wake up today and the courage to face tomorrow.

20 Country Songs About Rain That Will Make You Feel Everything

The subtle combination of different country songs about rain, sang by various talented country artists can give us just the right comfort we need.

The Best Country Music Duos of all time

The Best Country Music Duos Of All Time

They say two is better than one and these country music duos are here to prove that, as they create sounds that are theirs alone.

5 Country Stars Who've Done Las Vegas Residencies

5 Country Stars Who’ve Done Las Vegas Residencies

From Shania Twain to George Strait to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, dozens of country stars have enjoyed successful and lucrative Las Vegas residencies.

Country Songs About Growing Up

The Best Country Songs About Growing Up Whatever Stage You’re At In Life

Here’s a playlist of country songs about growing up that will make you look back with joy and contentment at the wonderful blessings in our lives.

Tim McGraw's daughter Audrey makes her acting debut in dad's new music video

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter Audrey makes acting debut in her dad’s new music video

Tim McGraw got a brand-new leading lady in his latest music video and it’s no other than his daughter, Audrey McGraw, for her acting debut.

Tim McGraw '7500 OBO' music video

Watch Tim McGraw ‘7500 OBO’ Music Video, Starring His Daughter Audrey

The music video of Tim McGraw’s “7500 OBO” was just released, and it features one very special woman in McGraw’s life. Find out who!

Tim McGraw's "The Last Dollar (Fly Away)"

Tim McGraw’s “The Last Dollar (Fly Away):” A Bad Luck Led To A Huge Hit

It’s been fourteen years since Tim McGraw’s “The Last Dollar (Fly Away)” hit the top spot of the country chart. Here’s the story behind the song.

Tim McGraw's Cologne

Smell Like An Expensive Southern Men With Tim McGraw’s Cologne Collection

Tim McGraw’s cologne collection – which is, by the way, inspired by his Southern roots – is the perfect way for you to start your day.