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15 Country Songs About The Simple Life To Help You Embrace The Joy of Slowing Down

Life is a wonderful journey that is meant to be embraced to the fullest every day. However, this does not mean you must always wake up ready to seize the day. Now and then, you must remind yourself that life is a great gift you need to savor. Luckily, there are plenty of country songs about the simple life that will do just that.

There are many inspirational country songs about simplifying and appreciating life to remind you that having more and doing more does not always guarantee success and happiness. More often than not, it’s finding joy in the simple things and being content with the solitude that gives you peace of mind in a world that sometimes feels like it’s out of control.

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So, to help you, we are sharing some of the most exciting country songs about the simple life that will get you thinking about how living without frills is the right thing to do! Check them out below.

1. Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band

In 2008, Zac Brown Band released quite possibly one of the most fun and definitely best country songs about the simple life to sing along to. Written by frontman Zac Brown alongside songwriter Wyatt Durrette, “Chicken Fried” celebrates life’s simple things and the rural lifestyle. It was written with the thought of “things that are characteristics of the South.”

2. Walk In the Country by Scotty McCreery

Do you sometimes feel stuck in a never-ending rat race and today’s endless but pointless pursuit that you feel like you can no longer breathe? Scotty McCreery knows how you feel, and he’s asking you “take a little walk in the country” with him – get down in the woods and watch the sun sink down on the trees. You might not think of it, but these simple things do you some good.

3. Just Fishin’ by Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins’ catalog includes one of the most beautiful and heartfelt country songs about the beauty of simplicity. “Just Fishin’” is a song about a father going fishing with his little girl – who is amazingly enjoying the simple activity on the riverside. However, while she thinks they are just killing time, it’s much more than that to the father, who hopes to make memories with her daughter.

4. Where the Green Grass Grows by Tim McGraw

If you’re looking for country songs about small-town living and the simple life, you will surely love this 1998 country hit by Tim McGraw. In this fiddle-led tune, McGraw finds himself escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city by returning to a simpler life in the country. 

“Where The Green Grass Grows” was written by country songwriters Craig Wiseman and Jess Leary, who were inspired by their search for a more serene place away from the city.

5. Livin’ On Love by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson recorded quite a few uplifting country songs about finding happiness in the simple life – including “Livin’ On Love.” The love-stricken hit tells the story of two young people who settled down with just what they needed. The two grew old together, living simply. After all, it doesn’t take much when you are living in love.

6. Better Part Of Life by Dolly Parton

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Here’s one of the most nostalgic country songs reminiscing about a simpler time by none other than the country queen, Dolly Parton. In it, she looks back on the simple life she lived with her parents and four siblings and how she longs to return to that moment. Sadly, nothing lasts except for the memories from the past.

7. Hometown Honeymoon by Alabama

Getting married doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be as simple as gathering your friends and family to celebrate the love you have – and this is exactly what this song is all about. It tells about a couple in love who have the “lifestyles of the poor but proud” and happy.

8. Thank God I’m a Country Boy by John Denver

John Denver’s catalog is filled with classic country songs celebrating the simple life, including “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” Denver reminisces about his laid-back life in his old hometown in the song. He thought to himself he would never trade his simple life for diamonds or jewels.

9. Alabama Clay by Garth Brooks

While the song was never released, it remains one of country fans’ favorite modern country songs embracing the simple life. Many relate to its lyrics about a young man leaving the simple life on his family’s farm for the city – only to find unhappy working in a factory. So, he comes back home, where his roots run deep.

10. Small Town Southern Man by Alan Jackson

You will definitely see quite a few country songs about rural living in Alan Jackson’s catalog, and one of our favorites is this 2008 country hit. In the song, Jackson croons about how his father raised him in a small town and how they lived together in a house built with his father’s own hands.

11. Watch the Wind Blow By by Tim McGraw

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Tim McGraw expressed his gratitude for life’s simple pleasures in one of the most heartfelt country songs about the joys of a simple lifestyle. The song tells the story of a man who decided to take a break from this fast-paced world. So, he hopped in his car and drove away to find solace in the simple beauty of nature.

12. I Wish Things Were Simple Again by Merle Haggard

For those having very bad and hectic days, don’t you find yourself wishing to return to the times when things were just simple – like when you were a kid? In the song, Merle Haggard sings about the simple days – when “cowboys rode horses” and “a song could be played for a nickel back.”

13. Give Me the Simple Life by Willie Nelson and Don Cherry

Willie Nelson and Don Cherry demand plain living in “Give Me the Simple Life.” In the song, the two talented artists find themselves seeking a much simpler life, like living in a small cottage that doesn’t have to be spacious and wide as long as it rings with joy and laughter with the ones they love.

14. Minimum Wage by Blake Shelton

There’s nothing better than living a simple life when you’re spending it with the one you love. Blake Shelton explained that he had written “Minimum Wage” with his wife, Gwen Stefani, in his mind. In the song, the country singer croons about how his love for his wife is all he needs in life. Amazingly, she “can make a man feel rich on minimum wage.”

15. That’s Why I’m Here by Kenny Chesney

When you hit rock bottom, it’s definitely the simple things in life that you will surely miss the most – take, for instance, Kenny Chesney’s “That’s Why I’m Here” from his “I Will Stand” album. The song tells the story of a man struggling with a drinking problem and is now paying the price. Suddenly, it was clear to him that it was the simple things he wanted to take back, like the kids at home and his loving wife.

So, there you go, a list of great country songs about the simple life. We hope you found something that speaks to you and makes life a bit easier.


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