October 4

LeAnn Rimes Released New Song “Spaceship,” And It Features A Full Range Of Emotions

Apparently, the lockdown that prevailed during the pandemic brought some positive results – and some great music, of course. Rimes actually wrote “spaceship” in the early days of lockdown. It’s a song that’s full of sadness, confusion, frustration, and even hope, as she asks for an escape from the craziness and the uncertainty the world brings in. 

Rimes said that the “feeling of isolation and despair” became her force in writing the song. As she reflected, she realized there’s so much hope coming from “letting it all out and expressing these harder emotions.” So, she wants “spaceship” to give everyone a reminder to come into a pause and just have a moment of having it out with God. After all, it’s the only way for all of us to get back to living our lives.

Truly, it’s one of the most spine-chilling LeAnn Rimes songs

Now, She Bares It All In Its Accompanying Music Video 

The raw emotions present in “spaceship” were brought to life in its accompanying music video. But what’s even more interesting is that it was shot by none other than LeAnn Rimes’ husband, actor Eddie Cibrian

Cibrian spontaneously shot the intimate footage using his mobile phone while on an RV trip throughout the desolate desert of Mammoth, California. The husband-and-wife duo did everything in just four takes and in under 30 minutes. 

And the result was fascinating enough wherein Rimes can be seen wrapped in a blanket – and nothing else – in the middle of the desert belting out the powerful lyrics.

You can watch the powerful and beautiful music video for LeAnn Rimes’ “spaceship” by playing the video below. The gripping tune will be part of her recently dropped album god’s workwhich includes a combination of ethereal, pulsing, and ferociously honest tunes that aims to take each listener into a journey that’s beyond compare.


Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes

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