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Joey + Rory’s “Leave It There”: A Gentle Reminder of God’s Love 

With eight albums, three singles that made it to the Hot Country Songs chart, and songs that definitely touched and melted the heart and soul, country duo Joey + Rory never disappoints. They once again bring joy and peace in our hearts as they grace our ears with their voices in their rendition of “Leave It There.”

Joey + Rory songs are known to make listeners think about the Lord’s goodness and never-ending grace. They remind us of how He is our pillar, one we can lean on in times of darkness and trouble.

Meaning Behind the Song

Originally composed by Charles A. Tindley in 1916, the Christian hymn “Leave It There” talks about leaving one’s burdens to God. The hymn’s message is found in the refrain, saying that God will bring and help you out if you just trust your problems to him and leave them there.

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The song’s meaning takes inspiration from the words of the Bible, as the holy book says many things regarding God’s grace and how He doesn’t allow His children to suffer. Thus, the hymn is a gentle reminder to everyone that casting everything to the Lord will lighten your burden and strengthen your trust in Him so that He will never forsake you.

Since the hymn “Leave It There” spawned numerous renditions, including that of Joey + Rory, it has sometimes been misattributed to other writers instead of Charles Tindley. Other artists have claimed authorship of the composition. Nevertheless, the Christian song has been a continuous reminder of God’s grace.

Listen to the amazing vocals of duo Joey + Rory in their rendition of “Leave It There” below.


Joey + Rory

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