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November 7, 2019


November 7, 2019


November 7, 2019

Christian music has always been one of the tools that humankind used to get close to our creator. It is one way to channel our faith and our intentions to the higher beings that govern our world.

And, it is in these as well that we can reconnect with what was once lost with our relationship with Jesus.

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Hence, with the fast-approaching celebration of Christmas, we’ve put together a list to get your spirituality in tune with the universe.

Christmas is the symbol of rebirth and victory. Jesus Christ is born and this symbolizes eternal life to be granted to all who believe in Him.

However, that wasn’t its original meaning. But today, the meaning of Christmas is recognizing and honoring Jesus Christ’s birth, and His glorious promise of eternal life for all who believed Him.

With Christmas fast approaching, it is time we center ourselves to our God again. This Christmas, rekindle your relationship with the Lord with the music of these artists. The celebration of the life and teachings of Jesus is alive in these artists’ work.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is arguably one of the most iconic artists that history has ever seen. Dubbed as one of the most significant cultural icons, and ‘The King of Rock and Roll,” Presley shows versatility and grace with how much he devotes himself in his music.

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Photo Credits: Elvis Presley/ Official Facebook Home Page

Although he was very close to his faith, he wasn’t always the one to follow through it. But, his relationship with God has started early on in his childhood and is a big influence on his life. Gospel was his favorite genre and was a constant source of solace.

Listen to one of Elvis’  hits here!

Hillary Scott

She is known for being one of the co-lead singers of Lady Antebellum, Hillary Scott is a country Christian powerhouse from Nashville, Tennessee.

Her album, Love Remains, is full of the grief that Scott felt when her grandfather passed away. The Scott family leaned on their faith and used traditional hymns to comfort one another.

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At first, they began recording the songs with the intention of sharing those messages of joy with friends and family. In the end, it developed into a full-length album.

Her personal pains also went into the song when she had a miscarriage right before a Lady Antebellum concert.

Listen to this powerful song here.

Randy Travis

Randy Travis is one of the most prominent country music and Christian country music singers, songwriter, guitarist, and actor. He has been active in the industry since 1978 and has charted more than 50 Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

Travis has sold over 25 million records and has won seven Grammy Awards, six CMA awards, eleven ACM awards, eight Dove Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2016, Travis was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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Photo Credits: Randy Travis/Official Facebook Home Page

With a distinct growl in his voice and a perfect blend of country and gospel, Travis is definitely a staple on this list.

Watch one of his mesmerizing videos here!

The Mercy River Boys

The Mercy River Boys were a Christian country music band who performed from 1979 to 1984. They were nominated for a Grammy Award for their first album. The album was also a finalist for the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Award for Album of the Year.

8 Best Christian Country Artists You Need For Your Gospel Music Fix 14
via the Mercy River Boys’ Official Website

The Mercy River Boys were created, in part, to challenge the status quo of the Christian radio market. And, several former Singing Christians/Mercy River Boys members impacted the music industry beyond the scope of the group.

Listen to one of their songs here!

Josh Turner

Josh Turner is a country and gospel singer, and actor. He is known for his deep voice and good country roots.

Josh Turner broke out of the music scene in 2003 with his secular debut tracks and gained his fame with his song “Your Man.” But don’t be fooled by some of his songs, most of his songs have a deep meaning and they can rekindle your relationship with God.

8 Best Christian Country Artists You Need For Your Gospel Music Fix 11
via Josh Turner’s Official Facebook Page

His earlier experience with music is when he founded a gospel quartet called Thankful Hearts, where he sang bass. Turner is a devout Christian. With his relationship with our Creator, this was what he had to say:

“I don’t believe God wants me to be a gospel singer, he just wants me to be a Christian singer. That’s who I am, a Christian.”

Point of Grace

Point of Grace is an all-female Contemporary Christian music vocal group. They are considered as one of the top Contemporary Christian music bands in the United States.

The band is formed at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas. The trio’s songs are devoutly Christian and their songs make you feel the energy and devotion of the Lord.

8 Best Christian Country Artists You Need For Your Gospel Music Fix 12
via Point of Grace’s Official Facebook Page

With faith-filled and passionate lyrics, their memorable melodies and soaring harmonies have inspired generations to live boldly and kept God’s love as the foundation of their lives.

Check out one of their songs here!

Susan Ashton

Susan Ashton is an American Contemporary Christian music and country artist who was at the top of the Christian charts throughout the 1990s.

Ashton has recorded eight studio albums to date. She has also charted fourteen number one hits on the Christian charts, and four singles on the Hot Country Songs.

via Susan Ashton’s Official Facebook Page

Her songs are powerful, yet they give off a calm feeling. The devotion resonating through the lyrics of the song.

Listen to one of her songs here!

Diamond Rio

Diamond Rio is an American country and Christian country music band. The band was founded in 1982 as an attraction for the Opryland USA theme park in Nashville Tennessee.

With its country-Christian music hybrid, the band is known for vocal harmonies and varied instrumentation. Their sound is a hybrid of mainstream country, bluegrass, and rock influences.

8 Best Christian Country Artists You Need For Your Gospel Music Fix 13
via Diamond Rio’s Official Facebook Page

Diamond Rio has recorded nine studio albums, four Greatest Hits compilations, and an album of Christian music. They have also received four Group of the Year awards from the Country Music Association.a

Check out one of their songs here!


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