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Meet Garth Brooks’ Daughters: The Three Gorgeous Women In His Life

Meet Garth Brooks’ daughters – Taylor, August, and Allie – who have all definitely grown up to be the gorgeous women that they have always been meant to be. 

The three women are the blessings from Brooks’ first marriage with college sweetheart Sandy Mahl. During the height of his career, the country crooner famously took a break to spend more time with his kids, who were just 4, 6, and 8 years old at the time. He had been on the road full time that he barely knew his daughters. And 20 years later, there is still no ounce of regret with that decision. Music will always be there, but his daughters will be growing, and he will be missing out a lot on that. Brooks knew that. 

So, here’s what you need to know about Garth Brooks‘ children. 

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks 

The eldest of the Brooks’ three daughters, Taylor was born on July 8, 1992 at Nashville’s Baptist Hospital. According to Garth Brooks: One of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House written by Rick Mitchell, the couple planned to wait a few years before having a child, but while they were on a vacation, Sandy Mahl got pregnant. Interestingly, they named their first child after country music legend James Taylor, the state she was conceived in, and country comedian character Minnie Pearl. 

Just like her parents, Taylor attended Oklahoma State University. She enrolled in 2010 and then graduated six years later. As of now, she is reportedly in her 2nd year of her Master’s program in Theological Studies in Vanderbilt University Divinity School. According to her father, Taylor is ‘quiet courage‘ and she is someone who would trade her life for someone she doesn’t even know. Very fitting for the path she decided to take on. 

Taylor has always been extremely private, but she would sometimes pop up in her family’s social media updates. In 2019, she was seen helping out her dad and his now-wife Trisha Yearwood‘s Habitat for Humanity push with her sister Allie and Allie’s husband, Jonathan Roberts.

August Anna Brooks 

Born on May 23, 1994, August Anna is a mom of two lovely daughters -Karalynn and Gwendolyn – with husband and high school sweetheart Chance Michael Russell. August was attending the University of Oklahoma and working at a law firm as a side job when she found out that they were expecting their first child. And of course, Garth Brooks was the proudest grandpa ever. 

When Karalynn arrived in July 2013, Brooks was definitely thrilled. He also shared to reporters in a later interview how not even his mom or the mothers of his wives could ‘hold a candle to his daughter.’ In Brooks’ words, August was ‘made to be a mom.’ 

The couple later married and welcomed their second daughter Gwendolyn in December 2016.

Allie Colleen Brooks 

Allie Brooks is the youngest daughter of Garth Brooks and was born on July 28, 1996. Out of all the three, she is the most active on social media and quite the standout with her tattoos. Allie started getting tattoos after turning 18 out of respect for her dad, and since then, she has collected around 15. She is also the only one who followed in her father’s footsteps. If you ever tried listening to Indie Country, then you must have probably heard one or two of her songs. 

But before she actually pursued a music career, Garth Brooks made her promise to earn her college degree first. She attended Belmont College in Tennessee and graduated with a degree in Songwriting and Music Business. After getting her diploma, she started playing in small venues and open-air shows. She wanted to build her own reputation with her own hard work and not just by the merit of her family name. 

Allie released her first single, “Work in Progress,” in 2019, then followed it with an EP titled ‘Wildflower.’ And just last April 2021, she launched her debut full-length album ‘Stones.’

She is currently married to Tennessee-based Physical Education teacher named Jonathan Roberts. Jonathan proposed to her during Brooks’ show at The Forum in Los Angeles in 2017, and then the couple tied the knot a year later. 

Garth Brooks’ Daughters Photos

A beautiful family photo taken during PBS Special last March 2020. 

Youngest Allie and mom Sandy Mahl with their glow-up photos for Transformation Tuesday! (Make sure to swipe right)

Taylor (front) and Allie (far left) helping out their dad and stepmom with Habitat for Humanity build.

Garth Brooks posing with his daughter Allie

Behind the scenes of Allie’s debut single “Work in Progress”

Allie performing in a live show.

Allie and her catch in Oklahoma. 

A sweet and beautiful photo of Taylor and Allie during Allie’s wedding. 

Another photo of Allie doing what she loves – performing on stage!

Garth Brooks with his two daughters, August and Allie.


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