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A 1980s Classic Love Song “Never Thought That I Could Love” by Dan Hill

Some people say that if we do not know the reason why we are in love that is what we call love because the love we feel is not only based on what we see on the person. Do you agree? Listen to this song from Dan Hill’s classic “Never Thought That I Could Love.”

“Never Thought That I Could Love”

It is a classic love song written and recorded by Dan Hill. It was released in 1987 as a single from his album, Dan Hill. The song was produced by American record producers Hank Medress, and John Capek, and was under Columbia Records. Upon the release of the song, it has been popularized in Canada, and the U.S. The song entered into country charts and has sold millions of copies.

Never Thought That I Could Love, Dan Hill
Via Dan Hill’s Official Facebook Page

The album Dan Hill was 8th album released by Hill. Thus, this album consists of 10 love songs, including 3 hit singles “Can’t We Try,” “Never Thought That I Could Love,” and “Carmelia.” These hit singles entered into country charts.

The songs “Can’t We Try,” and “Never Thought That I Could Love” were featured in an American daytime drama Santa Barbara. Who else remembers this show back in the ’80s-early ’90s?

About the Song

Never Thought That I Could Love, Dan Hill
Via by Screengrab

From the title alone, we can already figure out what the song talks about. The song is a reflection of a man who is deeply in love with a woman, and all of a sudden his dreams do come true.

Can I touch you?
I can’t believe that you are real
How did I ever find you?
You are the dream that saved my life
You are the reason I survived

Those words symbolize that it is not impossible to be with someone we are in love with. Regardless of our imperfections. Loving someone does not require us to be the perfect person that everyone wants to be. Instead, loving someone requires us to be our real selves.

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