June 14

“I Will Sing:” A Wonderful Worship Song By Don Moen

“I Will Sing”

I Will Sing, Don Moen
Photo Credit: Don Moen/ youtube.com by Screengrab

It is a worship song originally written by Don Moen and was produced by Paul Mills and Christian Thomas. It was then released in 2000.

Don Moen recorded this song with a small number of audience. This is his own way to encourage other worship leaders to lead worships even though there are only a few listeners. The number of his listeners does not define his faith in God. What is more important to him is how fully dedicated he is to God as he delivers his songs to his audience.

The moment he sings praises to God is the moment he let God enter his life. You can see by the worship songs he all made as they were all dedicated to God. He made God as an inspiration in writing those worship songs.

According to Moen, “I Will Sing” is one of the most powerful worship songs he has ever made.

The Song’s Theme

I Will Sing, Don Moen
Photo Credit: Don Moen/ youtube.com by Screengrab

“I Will Sing” was written when Moen was having a bad day. The lyrics of the song shows what he felt that day.

Honestly, sometimes if challenges nor problems come into our lives, we suddenly feel empty and betrayed by God. We think that he is not with us during our downfall. Moreover, the Lord may seem so far away when troubles come.

But come to think of it, if God is not with us, how did we survive our life during our past downfall? How did we become the best version of ourselves right now?

Sometimes, our mindset of having a bad day means having a bad life too. But no, turn that mindset into a good one. It is only a bad day, not a bad life. God shows how he loves us more than himself, so whatever life may take us, always remember that God will never let us walk alone.

When life gets you in trouble, do not hesitate to call into His name because we will know that he is just waiting for our call.

Come and watch this song made by Don Moen. You can surely get a lesson from it.

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Don Moen, I Will Sing, Worship Song

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