November 16

Can You Confidently Sing “How I Love Jesus” Like Reba?

In this cut, hear Reba talk as she explains why she made “Oh How I Love Jesus” as the second song on the track listing of her gospel album, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope.

Close your eyes and let your heart speak the words you will hear from Reba McEntire’s singing.

“Oh How I Love Jesus.”

Raised as a Sunday school kid, we would often sing “Oh How I Love Jesus” during congregational singing. It was an easy, mellow, jolly song that any youngster could learn by heart, even without looking at the hymnal. Came adulthood with more understanding and maturity, I found myself choking in reciting the verses, particularly the line, “Oh how I love Jesus!”

As a child, you could boisterously sing any song, oblivious to the words your mouth utters. But once your understanding of God’s heart and passion deepens. That’s when you will feel crushed having realized how much he did for you. He was all in and gave everything he had just so he could keep you. Yet typical of humans, we often take his love for granted. And that is my reason why I find it hard and hypocritical singing this song.

If I were, to be honest with myself, I know my heart is often dull and cold. Consequently, singing this hymn is not something I take lightly. Looking at the bright side, I thank God that in making me feel mortified and bothered by my indifference, I get the chance to repent and to align my heart with the words I speak and sing.

What about you, dear readers? Have you had those times when you could not say how much you love Jesus, too? If so, be thankful that early as now, you are being given the chance to set your heart right before the Lord.


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