March 25

Dolly Parton and Stella Parton’s Sister Rivalry

Your sibling is the only person you can run to in times of troubles. Also, they can be your best friend so you should be comfortable in spilling your secrets to them. But it seems that this ideal set up is hard to achieve if you and your sibling are both celebrities. Let’s take, for instance, the case of celebrity sisters Stella and Dolly Parton who seems to have sibling rivalry.
Let’s just hope that they will get along, after all, they are blood-related. Plus, isn’t it nice to have a sister who always got your back?
dolly parton, stella, rivalry
Photo Credits: Daily Express

Is Stella a Threat to Dolly Parton?

There are speculations that the relationship between the celebrity siblings Stella and Dolly Parton was never easy. Come to think of it, sometimes one of them must give in so that the other person will rise to the top. Anyway, throughout her life, Stella adored her sister but it seems that she did not receive the same adoration. In an interview, she said:
“One of my earliest memories is of Dolly’s impatience with me because I couldn’t come up with a satisfactory line in one of these early collaborations. I think I was always a pain in her neck. All I wanted was to be included in what she was doing. All she wanted was for me to get lost.”
dolly parton, stella, rivalry
Photo Credits: Daily Mail

Dolly asked Stella to Change her Last Name

Having a screen name is important because it will be your trademark to be remembered. But this is not the case for the celebrity siblings. Dolly Parton asked her sister Stella to change her last name so that her career will not be harmed. It seems that Dolly considered her sister as a threat. This was a big issue to her but through time, she was able to forgive Dolly and she said:
“When I was told to change my name, I felt like my birthright was being taken. But I’ve forgiven all of that now. I think Dolly felt helpless and I’m sure it confused her, as at that time she was still a little girl herself. We were just young women, sisters, being pitted against each other.”


Dolly Parton, Stella Parton

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