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July 9, 2020


July 9, 2020


July 9, 2020

Drive-in concerts have been a thing for a few months now. Garth Brooks, together with DJ D-Nice, was among the artists who started doing drive-in concerts which were also video streamed in different drive-in theaters. This, and that of Alan Jackson, were among the first in country music history.

Country Superstar Blake Shelton, together with his long-time girlfriend Gwen Stefani and co-country artist Trace Adkins, will now be following the trend of drive-in concerts. They announced that they, too, will be having their own special concert on July 25. The show will also be aired in over 300 locations across the country. 

Inspired by the success of Garth Brooks’s first drive-in concert, Shelton could not be more excited to perform in a concert again. But for a price of $115, there’s the looming question if it’s worth spending that amount of money.

Nonetheless, listed below are some of the things that we could expect in Blake Shelton’s drive-in concert.

It’s Safe

All of the state’s policies and guidelines will be strictly implemented. Cars will be placed 10 feet -away from each other, and all the staff for the Shelton concert will be mandated to wear “personal protective equipment.”

It’s Fun

It’s country music! After months of staying at home, it’s worth having a night out with your loved ones but with enough space to breathe while listening to old songs like “Austin” and some new songs like “God’s Country.”

Because drive-in concerts are much laid back than the concerts that we were used to, we can bring snacks, card games, and even lawn chairs where we can relax while watching the concert.

It Costs Less

$115 per car may sound pricey but it would still be a win for those cars with more than 1 passenger. Say there are 6 people in the car, the concert will only cost each person approximately $19.

It’s not Live

Produced by Encore Live, Blake Shelton’s Drive-in concert will be pre-taped. Still, you can be assured of the “all-new performances” and “cinematic interviews and storytelling” as mentioned in their press release. And since people will be watching from their cars, the video quality is ensured. Technical difficulties can still be a factor though.

Having said all that, Blake Shelton’s drive-in concert presents an authentic and safe way of experiencing musical shows again. So watch out for Blake Shelton’s drive-in concert this month! Tickets will be out on July 14.


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