June 15

Country Stars to Do Drive-in Concerts this Year

Covid-19 has now reached most of the world and under the new normal, various precautions such as social distancing and the wearing of masks became imperative to help people stay away from the virus. Because people’s health is a priority, restrictions and limitations have to be imposed on certain events. Packed concerts, cinemas and other venues for mass gatherings have been shut down with an indefinite date of return.

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As restrictions arise, unique solutions have surfaced as well. Such solutions had also brought innovations to some trends which seemed to be past it’s prime.

The New Normal for the Entertainment Industry

Drive-in theaters seemed to be a thing of the past. But as the worldwide pandemic shapes the way we live today, Drive-in events have never been this enjoyable after a long time. Several country artists have embraced the Drive-in innovation to serve as their medium for their concerts. This innovation now seems to be the key player in how the industry would adapt to the changes that we face globally.

The unique solution was first done in a supermarket parking lot in Los Angeles last March. The event was co-organized by an online radio station named “Dublab.” This featured local musicians who took turns, occupying a white van while using some FM radio instruments and some synthesizers to produce their music. A total of 50 cars were in attendance during the event. As the event came to an end, the flashing light and car honks served as applause from all of those in attendance.

Danish artist Mads Langer also became known as the proponent for the resurrection of Drive-in concerts. He performed in a newly built stage outside Danish City of Aarhus. This reached a total of 500 people in attendance, which was surprising for the tickets were announced just 6 days before the actual date of the concert.

Drive-in Concerts to Look Forward To

The success rate of the mentioned drive-in concerts brought some of the biggest names in the industry to plan and promote concerts using the same method. Fans all across the country have expressed their support for the new experience.

Alan Jackson is one of the first artists who publicly expressed his support for drive-in concerts. Considering that majority of country music festivities were either canceled or postponed, Alan Jackson decided to go with this new trend. With over 2,000 cars in attendance, Alan Jackson’s June 12 drive-in concert was yet to be the biggest gathering done since the start of the worldwide pandemic. With packed concerts now being prohibited, Alan Jackson’s move is considered to be the first of many others to start doing live shows again.

Keith Urban, like Jackson, also welcomes innovate methods for his live shows. With a secret invitation, Urban held his drive-in concert for the Vanderbilt University medical personnel. It was also a road test for Urban as he is planning to conduct a drive-in tour.

Country singer Garth Brooks also followed suit. The country star has announced that he is preparing for a concert that is to be done on the 27th of June. But this was not just the good news. Brooks revealed that his show will be aired in 300 drive-ins across the country. Brooks added that this was the moment that he has been waiting for. He added that since concerts will be among the reasons for people to go out of their houses, the present restrictions and guidelines for social distancing would have to be strictly followed.

This trend which was first made popular in Europe has now attracted artists and music fans in the US. It does not just give people a reason to occasionally be out of their houses, but it’s also an opportunity to unwind and enjoy the company of others even if they are inside their cars. In the aftermath of this global pandemic scare, drive-in concerts have given us a gleam of hope.


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