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Was Naomi Judd Married? A Look at the Country Star’s Marriages

Let’s just say Naomi Judd’s life was very relatable to a lot of people. At 18, she gave birth to her first child, Christina Claire Ciminella, whom she subsequently renamed Wynonna Judd after splitting up with her first husband, Michael Ciminella in 1972. Michael allegedly betrayed Naomi, resulting in the breakup of their relationship.

Naomi and Michael have been married for eight years. During those years, they were able to raise their own modest family, as well as their own daughter Ashley Judd, who is now an actress.

Fast forward to 1989, Naomi’s heart starts beating again. Now, Naomi Judd’s Husband, Larry Strickland, wed her at Christ Church in Nashville. The two apparently met when Naomi and her two daughters moved to Nashville in 1979. As a former background singer for Elvis Presley, Strickland was definitely the best pair a superstar country singer would want to have. 

Their marriage lasted 33 years until it all came to an end on April 30, 2022, when Naomi committed suicide. Naomi Judd had nothing but positive things to say about Larry during their marriage. In an interview with Closer Weekly, she even highlighted what maintained their bond so strong. She told the magazine that having “separate bathrooms” was essential to their happy marriage. And that they maintained their connection since they have a lot in common. 

Larry also revealed something to the world in his final message for his late wife during the Naomi Judd: A River of Time Celebration, which was aired on CMT.

He said that the day after Naomi died, a man named David wrote him an email. David was said to be one of the persons Naomi was with on her flight returning from Europe on April 29th, the day before she died. David’s words provided him with some solace and comfort.

What makes it even more personal is that Naomi was the one who gave David Larry’s calling card. That’s why, till the end, Larry had the impression that Naomi would always care for him even if death splits them apart.

Having said that, there is no denying that Naomi Judd and Larry Strickland really adored each other throughout their marriage. And that is something that everyone should aspire to.


Larry Strickland, Naomi Judd

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