November 26

Jameson Rodgers’ ‘Cold Beer Calling My Name’ with Luke Combs is Your Weekend Banger

There are just times when we can think of nothing else but to just lie back and relax after a long day. And if you speak the country language, the classic companion would be a bottle of beer.

Jameson Rodgers has been releasing some of his songs for quite some time and ‘Cold Beer Calling My Name’ is something that you surely wouldn’t want to miss. It’s laid back and rooted in one of the OG country music appeal. Soon, it won’t be surprising to see it stir up the charts just like how Rodgers traversed from having a drink into having a fun night while indulging his imagination.

Cold Beer Buddies

Adding the cherry on top, Jameson Rodgers even got one of the genre’s biggest stars, Luke Combs to collaborate with him. Combs won’t be there to give him pointers but to tackle down lines with Rodgers head-on. These two had quite the interaction when Rodgers opened some of  Luke’s ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ tour in 2019. Privileged to watch one of the best singers perform on stage every night, it’s no longer shocking that Rodgers may have picked up a thing or two in developing his own performing style.

As per Rodgers, he just found the track too easy so he needed someone to sing it along with. Fortunately, he was with his idol at that time. Asking Combs to do it has been easy as pie because just like Rodgers, the country hitmaker is also a fan of cold beer binging.

Jameson Rodgers On the Rise

Rodgers also anticipates Luke Comb’s impressive track record as he had 9 singles which already hit #1 in different timestamps. Comb’s ‘Better Together’ is currently part of the top 10 country radio songs which was quite impressive as they come from only one singer.

Combs’ track record aside, Rodgers’ might be probably hyped up in getting into the same heights as his former tour mate. His promising approach in the industry bore fruit when his debut single ‘Some Girls’ owned the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart just this October 2020.

‘Cold Beer Calling My Name’ was co-written by songwriter Hunter Phelps who was also one of Rodgers’ close friends. He even became one of the Phelps’ groomsmen during the songwriter’s wedding last July. With two promising powerhouses and one legend in country music teaming up to perform a song, it’s gotta leave you laid back as before or just wanting more.


Jameson Rodgers, Luke Combs

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