August 7

Jameson Rodgers: Rising Country Star Who Got Luke Combs for a Fan

Jameson Rodgers will be celebrating his 10th year since he has transferred to Nashville back in August 2010. At the same time, he is celebrating his biggest break yet, his single “Some Girls” which continually rises to the top 15 of the Top 15 radio singles. 

Something Would Have Held Him Back

Jameson Rodgers was a young college baseball player who bid farewell from the small-town life and decided to move to the “Music City” Nashville. Aspiring for a different “major league” which is country music, he believes in his ability. However, he saw something that certainly could hold back his future as a country songwriter in the future. So without anyone knowing, Jameson Rodgers transferred to Nashville. Fortunately, Rodgers had the luxury of going back to his home town once in a while since it’s just four-hour drive. This also helped him cope with homesickness. 

A Message and Luke Combs

As years past, Rodgers went through what other aspiring songwriters had to go through. He played local writer’s rounds, meet everyone who wanted to meet him, and take odd jobs just to be able to pay for the bills. He kept writing songs until his break finally came. 

All of these paid off when he received a random message on ReverbNation in 2004. This gave Jameson Rodgers a publishing deal and he was put on the list of songwriters in Nashville. The deal gave Rodgers space and the people he needs to hone. This caused speedy growth in his skills as a songwriter. This was also the time when he started to ponder whether he was ready to transition from being a songwriter to an artist as well.

Fast forward to 2016, he has started to build a small fan base after releasing an EP. However, it was unimaginable for Rodgers that he would be able to gain a prominent fan in Luke Combs! But the Luke Combs then was not yet the superstar Luke Combs that we all know of today. His song “Hurricane” was yet to be a hit.

Back to Rodgers, he remembered when Combs first called him and said how he wanted to collaborate with him. This opened doors for Rodgers as he continually built his fan base. As Combs gained his superstar status, he also boosted Rodgers’ career and helped him with his success today.

If there is anything that Jameson Rodgers taught us in the past decade, it is the value of persevering through hard times. You might not be the biggest name in your industry today, but as you excellently work with what you have at present, success is inevitable for you. 


Jameson Rodgers, Luke Combs

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