October 15

Luke Combs Brings His Teary-eyed Fan on Stage

Luke Combs is one of country music’s rising stars. His hit songs “Hurricane” and “Beautiful Crazy” are well-loved because of how he pours all of his emotions to the song.

With the success of the singer, he has been touring all around the country. At a recent concert in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the singer brought a kid up to the stage and what happened next will make you tear up a little.

Luke Combs Brings a Fan to the Stage

Luke Combs spotted the kid because of his sign saying ‘This St. Jude Kid loves U.’ The country singer thought that it was a sweet gesture that the kid wanted to watch one of his concerts even though he was sick. Luke repaid his efforts by bringing him on stage.

luke combs. fan
via Facebook

Luke Combs offered his song to his young fan. During his performance, his young fan started to get emotional and was crying as the singer serenaded him. The audience started to feel emotional as well as they are witnessing a sweet moment between their idol and a fan.

Luckily, they were able to record the whole thing and it was posted on Facebook. It immediately went viral as the video reached more than 5 million views.

About the Song

The song “This One’s For You” is appropriate to the situation that was unraveling during that time. The singer penned the track for himself as he wanted to give his love to all the people that have supported him. This includes his family, friends, and fans who have been there for him from the beginning.

luke combs, fan
via Facebook

The song was part of the debut album of the singer. It was received well by critics, saying that his brilliance in songwriting showed through the album. They also love the fact that Combs uses both traditional and modern approaches in his music.

Watch the touching performance here:



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