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January 20, 2023


January 20, 2023


January 20, 2023

With over 18 albums and nine number-one hit songs, Mark Chesnutt has wooed fans and listening globally with his talent and singing prowess.

The country music singer and songwriter preferred song quality over physical attractiveness, focusing more on his music than his image. Playing country music is his passion, and he is happy at it, which is evident in his released songs.

Check out the list of Mark Chesnutt Songs here and pick your favorite out of the bunch.

1. Brother Jukebox

Initially recorded by Don Everly of The Everly Brothers, Mark Chesnutt covered “Brother Jukebox” and included the track in his debut album Too Cold at Home in 1990. Keith Whitley and John Starling also produce their versions of the hit song.

The track recorded by Mark peaked at the top of the US and Canadian country music charts.

2. I’ll Think of Something

Written by Jerry Foster and Bill Rice, “I’ll Think of Something” is another cover song recorded by Mark. He released the song as part of his Longneck & Short Stories album in 1992. The four-minute track took the #1 spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs and Canada Country Tracks chart.

3. It Sure Is Monday

Yes, it is Monday. Again.

Mark has a song about our bittersweet relationship with Mondays, entitled “It Sure Is Monday.” Released in 1993 from his Almost Goodbye album, the track talks about a young man complaining about getting busy again when he realizes the weekend has passed already. We’ve all felt the same things when it comes to Mondays, don’t we?

4. Almost Goodbye

Another chart-topping song recorded by Mark is “Almost Goodbye,” written by Don Schlitz and Billy Livsey. “Almost Goodbye” is the title track of the album of the same name, which he released in 1993. The track is Mark’s fourth single to top the charts and took the 2nd spot on the Canadian Country Tracks.

5. I Just Wanted You to Know

The three-minute track “I Just Wanted You to Know” is from Mark’s 1993 album, Almost Goodbye. It bagged, again, the top spot on the US and Canadian country music charts. 

We went through this phase at some point where we called or texted our ex-lovers because we couldn’t seem to get over them. This song talks about that phase, which had us rethinking our choices.

6. Gonna Get a Life

Released in February 1995, “Gonna Get a Life” is another track recorded by Mark that became a US country song chart-topper. Frank Dycus and Jim Lauderdale wrote the song.

Jim was the one who came up with the melody, while Frank decided on the song’s title. Both worked on the lyrics after taking a quick break at work at Frank’s house.

7. It’s A Little Too Late

Mark’s “It’s A Little Too Late” explains how he should have done essential things for his woman. Even though he has decided to change for the better for his woman, he realizes it’s a little too late.

Mark co-wrote the track along with Slugger Morrissette and Roger Springer. It was released in September 1996 in his album Greatest Hits.

8. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” is originally recorded by Aerosmith. Their release prompted Mark Chesnutt to come up with his version. 

Chesnutt decided to record a song cover when his producer, Mark Wright, asked him to listen to Aerosmith’s version. Chesnutt listened to the song twice and recorded his cover to revive his chart performance and album sales.

9. Bubba Shot The Jukebox

Mark’s song, “Bubba Shot the Jukebox,” has no profound interpretation. The song is about Bubba, who shot the jukebox when he heard a song that made him cry. Bubba caused quite a scene and was eventually taken to jail.

The track peaked at the 4th spot on the US country chart while it took the 14th seat on the Canadian country chart.

10. Thank God for Believers

Mark co-wrote another song, “Thank God for Believers,” along with Roger Springer, Mark Alan Springer, and Tim Johnson. The track was released in July 1997 in his album of the same name.

The song describes the man’s lover, who is spiritually devoted. The woman always gives the man second chances after everything he did to her. Because of what her woman’s doing, he can’t believe that someone still remains faithful to him. 

11. Too Cold at Home

“Too Cold at Home,” written by Bobby Harden, is a song released in July 1990 from Mark’s album Too Cold at Home. The song peaked at #3 on the US country charts, while it topped the Canadian country charts.

The music video for “Too Cold at Home” features Mark passing the time in an old bar where he reminisces about the pictures found on the wall. 

12. Your Love Is a Miracle

Love changes us in ways that we couldn’t imagine. Like how it comes to us, it catches us off guard in the most surprising moments.

Mark Chesnutt’s “Your Love Is a Miracle” was released in July 1991 and peaked at the 3rd spot of the US Hot Country Songs chart. The track is the perfect message to a lover to thank them for changing us for the better.

13. It Wouldn’t Hurt to Have Wings

As much as love is a pretty thing to feel, it definitely leaves a nasty scar on our hearts. And it hurts more than anything.

In his song, “It Wouldn’t Hurt to Have Wings,” Mark wishes to move on quickly from the heartbreak his ex-lover gave him. He assures himself that he is doing fine and will dance away the pain.

14. She Was

From his self-titled album, “She Was” debuted in the 51st spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song was released in February 2002, with Neal Coty and Jimmy Melton as the songwriters.

The piece talks about a woman who is sure about her lover, to which she said she was sure.

15. This Heartache Never Sleeps

“This Heartache Never Sleeps” makes it difficult to forget your former love and soulmate.

Although Mark, in the song, tires himself to sleep, he still has difficulty moving on from the pain that was left when his woman left him. He is reminded of her every hour of the day and even when he goes to sleep.

We hope you liked our list of Mark Chesnutt songs! Follow us for more of these.


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