April 2

Meet The Modern-Day American Troubadour, Billy Dean, With These Facts

The tall and ruggedly handsome Billy Dean falls directly into the team of romantic balladeers within country music. Country-flavored Billy Dean songs charted him as a solid performer and earned him several awards and nominations from every major music award entity.

Throughout the years, Dean managed to build a successful career – both as a vocalist and a songwriter. And today, we’re going to get to know him more deeply. Check out these facts about him.

1. He’s a native of Quincy, Florida. 

Born on April 2, 1962, Billy Dean – whose real name is William Harold Dean Jr. – was raised in a farming community in the panhandle of Florida. The singer channeled his childhood memories into his 1992 hit song, “Billy The Kid.”

2. His father also goes by the name Billy Dean. 

The older Billy Dean kept a band called The Country Rocks, where Dean started his career at the age of eight.

3. He was a basketball player in high school. 

Dean, whose height is 6 feet 4 inches, played basketball in high school and was offered a basketball scholarship to East Central Community College in Decatur, Mississippi. However, a year later, his attention wandered off the court and went back to his first love – music. Dean dropped out of college and toured with his own band.

4. He used national talent contests to get into the music industry. 

He joined Wrangler Country Star Search in 1982, where he finished tenth place. Six years later, he won as a Male Vocalist champ on Ed McMahon’s Star Search program.

5. He appeared in TV commercials even before his singing career. 

You might see Dean in old commercials for McDonald’s, Chevrolet, and Valvoline. 

6. He reads a lot of books! 

Reading books about theology and religion is Dean’s hobby. His favorite authors are Dala Lama and Dan Brown, among others – while his favorite book is called The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck.

7. His dream vacation is in India or Tibet. 

Dean admits he loves visiting foreign countries, and he’d love to visit the Holy Land.

8. He’s also an actor. 

Dean had various roles in different films. He also hosted several television awards shows.

9. He’s a proud father of two. 

Dean has a son named William Eli and a daughter named Hannah.

10. He has now returned to his Florida roots. 

The country star now lives in Quincy with his wife, Stephanie. 

Isn’t it nice knowing one of the biggest country music stars? 


Billy Dean

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