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Check Out These Lee Brice Songs If You Like Your Country Music With Some Bluesy Touch

Lee Brice Songs

Over the past ten years, Lee Brice songs have made country fans laugh, cry, and feel emotions they have never felt before. 

A native of Sumter, South Carolina, Brice started singing at church when he was only seven and began writing his own songs when he was ten, with the influence of his father’s favorite artists – the Oak Ridge Boys, and Alabama. As he grew up, he kept on expanding his horizons and decided to devote himself to music.

Throughout the years, Brice has been releasing music to mainstream country radio and has been dominating the country music charts with his warm, blues-inflected vocals. This helped him set his place in the genre and established his staying power. 

Here are some of our favorite hits by Lee Brice.

1. I Drive Your Truck

From: Hard 2 Love (2012)

Inspired by a father who lost his son in Afghanistan while trying to save a fellow soldier and kept his memory alive by driving his favorite truck, the song resonated with country fans who had lost a loved one in their lives. 

It’s already no surprise when “I Drive Your Truck” won Song of the Year both on Country Music Association Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards – ranking it as Brice’s crowning feat from a recorded standpoint so far.

2. Love Like Crazy

From: Love Like Crazy (2010)

Brice absolutely knows how to make the day-to-day moments in life seem beautiful, and “Love Like Crazy” is one good example of that. Released as the lead single and title track off his debut album, the tender ballad describes a married couple’s long and happy relationship.

3. One of Them Girls

From: Hey World (2020)

Brice’s “One of Them Girls” made history when it became the first song that swept Country Song of the Year in all three organizations — ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC awards show. The country star wrote the song with Nashville’s giants Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, and Ben Johnson.

4. Boy

From: Lee Brice (2017)

While he can remarkably sing rowdy party songs, Brice excels at heart-breaking ballads too – including his 2017 single, “Boy.” 

Released as the lead single to Brice’s self-titled fourth studio album, the song sings about emotions expressed by a father to his son.

5. Drinking Class

From: I Don’t Dance (2014)

Brice showed off his flawless bluesy vocal approach in “Drinking Class,” which was a tribute to hard-working men getting up early and working diligently every day. In 2015, it was proclaimed the No. 1 Song of the Year on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

6. That Don’t Sound Like You

From: I Don’t Dance (2014)

Brice teamed up with Rhett Akins and Ashley Gorley to write a song about an old flame whose new man has turned her into a completely different person – stripping her of “her fun-loving identity.”

7. I Don’t Dance

From: I Don’t Dance (2014)

Brice co-wrote “I Don’t Dance,” a romantic ballad for the first dance with his wife at their wedding in 2013. It finds the country singer-songwriter claiming that he once thought he would “never settle down” – until he met this one special woman.

8. Hard to Love

From: Hard 2 Love (2012)

The song finds the country star detailing all the things that make him a pain in the ass – like how he’s being insensitive and drinks quite too much. He can’t help but be in awe of his significant other’s affection, though he certainly didn’t do so much to deserve them.

9. Parking Lot Party

From: Hard 2 Love (2012)

Brice co-wrote this party track with some of the biggest names in country music: Rhett Akins, Thomas Rhett, and Luke Laird. In the song, Brice sings about a male partying with his friends before a concert – something the four of them might have known by heart.

10. Rumor

From: Lee Brice (2017)

This sweet, swoon-worthy tune sings about a small-town guy and girl who have known each other forever, and eventually end up falling in love together. It comes with a steamy music video that features Brice’s wife, Sara.

11. She Ain’t Right

From: Picture of Me (2007)

Brice made his chart debut in 2007, thanks to “She Ain’t Right,” which praised the often-unusual ways of his loved one, whom he loves for her unique quirks and attitude on life. The song peaked at No. 29 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. 

12. Beautiful Every Time

From: Love Like Crazy (2010)

Another early hit of Brice, peaking at No. 30 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, finds him singing about finding the beauty in daily experiences, like spending a day at the beach, listening to a church choir sing, and so much more.

13. A Woman Like You

From: Hard 2 Love (2012)

Brice earned his first major hit with this deeply romantic song, which finds the country star letting his wife know how different his life would have been if he hadn’t met her.

14. I Hope You’re Happy Now (with Carly Pearce)

From: Carly Pearce’s Carly Pearce (2019)

While Brice has released a myriad of his own country hits, this collaboration with fellow country singer-songwriter Carly Pearce is something you can never ignore. The breakup song became a hit for both of them.

15. Memory I Don’t Mess With

From: Hey World (2020)

This story of love lost will surely strike a chord in your heart. In this song, Brice sings about a man running into an old flame and the memories of their time together that came rushing in into him.

Some More Lee Brice Songs Delivered With Passion and Powerful Voice

Truly, Lee Brice delivers each of his songs with so much delight and enthusiasm behind his one-of-a-kind, powerful voice. Here are some more of his hits that you need to check out.

  • Hey World
  • Happy Endings
  • A Little More Love
  • Upper Middle Class White Trash
  • Soul
  • Life Off My Years
  • One More Day
  • See About a Girl
  • Seven Days a Thousand Times
  • That’s When You Know It’s Over

So, what do you think about this list of Lee Brice songs?