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Craig Campbell Sings About The Hardships Parents Go Through In “Family Man”

When it comes to priorities, country singer Craig Campbell makes sure his family is on top, and these standards are clearly evident in his debut song “Family Man.” 

It was released in 2010 as the first single off his self-titled debut album and reached the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, peaking at No. 14.

A Song That Rang True to Craig Campbell

Written by Craig Campbell with Jon Henderson and Joel Eric Shewmake, “Family Man” tells the tale of a modern working-class man trying to survive over the tough economic times. It’s also “about the struggles of being a parent and making ends meet,” the singer explained. 

“This country is full of those people, and [the song] helps them get through the day. What we do even as musicians – just as people that work day in and day out to provide – that’s what we do it for.”

Campbell was inspired to write “Family Man” upon hearing the news that he and his wife are going to be first-time parents. He knows right then and there that his life is about to change forever. However, at the time, the Georgia native noted that even his own future is not as bright as it seems.

“My wife and I have struggled over the years to pay our bills,” Campbell admitted. “We know what it’s like to work hard to make ends meet for your family and still come up short at the end of the month.”

His wife, country singer Mindy Ellis, fully supports Campbell’s dream of pursuing a music career; however, she also had some apprehensions.

“She wanted to make sure that I knew it wasn’t just the two of us anymore. I needed to make something happen or go out and get a real job — a job with benefits because I gotta take care of a family,” Campbell said.

Being the talented songwriter that he is, it was only natural for Campbell to translate these emotions into lyrics. The message of hard-working, blue-collar standards just rang true to him. That’s the story Campbell has always wanted to tell – after all, “that’s who I am, or who I’m gonna be, and that’s what I want people to know,” he said.

“They’re the world my world revolves around. My sacred piece of solid ground. The flesh and bone that gives me strength to stand. They’re the fire in my drivin’ on. The drive behind my comin’ home. The livin’, breathin’, reason that I am a family man,” the song goes.

You can listen to “Family Man” in the video below.


Craig Campbell

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