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Talking About His Wife, “See You Try” by Craig Campbell

The last time we heard from Craig  Campbell was when he graced our daily country song listening with “Outskirts of Heaven”, a deeply personal song that echoes the singer’s faith base. It has since become one of his career-defining singles. His song “See You Try” is on the reverse end of the lyrical range, as Campbell discovers his self-control being tried by his leading lady. Yes. No other than his wife, Mindy, who makes every effort to get him off the dance floor and back home. While the songs are polar contraries, they both mirror real characteristics of Campbell.

Talking About His Wife, “See You Try” by Craig Campbell 1

The Back Story

“See You Try” is a sensual love song between Craig and his wife, Mindy. This is one reason why he is not scared to sing about it. He said that even though they have been married for almost thirteen years, he still enjoys her trying to lure him into certain situations. Sometimes he will be out with his friends and Mindy is there. Mindy will ask him to leave. Although Craig says he is having a good time, his wife goes on convincing him and he loves it.

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard penned the song with James McNair and Jordan Schmidt. They really had Campbell sing about his wild side. Filled with drinks, friends and a “country-fine” female bothering Campbell’s attention, the song sways from a melodious hook with a big chorus that fuses into a sung-spoken post-chorus that bouncily anchors the song.

How He Wants “See You Try” To Be

Campbell says fans can anticipate this type of variety on “See You Try”. It exemplifies familiar sounds while moving into new place. Looking back on his whole career, Campbell views “See You Try” more as a stepping stone along the path that was already shaped for himself, rather than trying to rebrand himself as an artist. He feels that this is a good thing and that it gives him an uphill rise. Should Craig Campbell’s new single “See You Try” reach the top of the charts, he already has an intricate plan in place for how he will celebrate the success. Once you listen to the song, it will be clear that the song has the potential to clinch the top one spot. As what he intends,

“That’s what I want people to take away from when they hear my music is there’s a piece of me in all of my songs. They get to know me a little more every song I put out.”

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Craig Campbell, See You Try

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