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Leroy Van Dyke’s Remarkable Signature Song “Walk On By”

Classic country songs are full of life. It talks about love and family, but sometimes they are written with guilt and some topics are something that’s against our values or things we don’t want to indulge in. They may seem to sound evil but let’s not focus on the subject matter but the way the song was delivered.

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In 1961, Leroy Van Dyke released his song “Walk On By” as a single. Surprisingly, the song became his most popular and signature song. He was able to break a record, this was when his song sat on the Billboard Country chart for 19 weeks. However, its throne was taken by Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” in 2013.

“Walk On By” was not only able to reach the country chart, but it was also able to secure spots on the Billboard Hot 100, and the UK and Norwegian charts.

“Walk On By:” All About Infidelity, but Let’s Forget About it

This song is certainly a hit and a classic that has been covered by a lot of country artists. Icons such as Donna Fargo, Martina McBride, Conway Twitty, and Hank Williams, are some of the few known stars who covered the song. Its glamorous time on the spotlight has also made certain that stars from other countries recorded their version of the song.

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A story of a two-timing man is narrated in this song. Despite frequently saying goodbye to his past lover he still runs to her all the time.

In a dimly lit corner in a place outside of town
Tonight we’ll try to say goodbye again (goodbye)
But I know it’s not over, I’ll call tomorrow night
I can’t let you go, so why pretend?

It may not be a great subject matter as it just promotes infidelity bur we certainly admire the way it was delivered by Van Dyke.

Listen to Leroy Van Dyke’s song here.

What do you think of this song? Did you enjoy it?


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