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Swoon Over Conway Twitty’s Performance of “I See the Want To in Your Eyes”

The moment Conway Twitty heard “I See the Want to in Your Eyes,” he knew he had to record the song. Released in 1974 off of his album I’m Not Through With Loving You Yet, “I See the Want to in Your Eyes” was one of the best songs of Twitty’s career – becoming another No. 1 hit on the country chart.

The single stayed at No. 1 for two weeks and spent thirteen weeks on the chart.

Conway Twitty Transformed The Tune Into A Timeless Hit

Written by Mischa Scorer and Wayne Carson, “I See the Want to in Your Eyes,” tells the tale of a man trying to seduce his old flame who now belongs to another man. Though he knows she’s not going to fall for any of his lines, he can tell she has silent schemes and wants to do something careless.

“Deep in your smile, there’s a quiet, soft desire like the ember of a once raging fire. You know I could light that fire again. You know it isn’t wise. I see the want to in your eyes,” the song goes.

“I See the Want to in Your Eyes” was originally recorded by honky-tonk singer Gary Stewart, and appeared on his album Out of Hand in 1975, but it was Conway Twitty who transformed the tune into a timeless hit.

During a round of TV shows airing in 1974, Conway Twitty performed “I See the Want to in Your Eyes,” proving that he had a career-defining hit on his hands. Taking over the stage alone, Twitty took advantage of his solitary status to connect with the audience. The crooner looked around the room while singing the seductive lyrics of the song.

As a further way of connecting with his audience, Twitty made sure to turn on the charm in his performance. Seeming completely into the character of the song, he flashed the crowd several smiles. This performance proved just how skilled Twitty was as an entertainer. Everyone’s eyes were hooked on the legendary singer as he sang the iconic song!

Check out the clip below to watch how Conway Twitty charmed the crowd as he sang, “I See the Want to in Your Eyes.” His swoon-worthy performance left a lasting impression on anyone who’s seen it, and we’re sure on you as well!


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