January 9

Meet the Funniest Horse on Earth: Archy, The Farting Horse

Whether they are loud or silent, stinky or odorless, farting is good, and everyone does it. Farting is simply  just good for the health. According to healthline.com, farting is a normal part of digestion that reflects the activity of the bacteria in one’s gut. And in fact, doctors say that the average person farts anywhere from 5 to 15 times per day. So don’t you ever hold that gas, and just walk it out and let it go.

As a matter of fact, animals, too, take time to “pass that gas” just like humans do. Even beautiful, majestic horses do this, and one of them is Archy.

Meet the Funniest Horse on Earth: Archy, The Farting Horse 1

Archy: The Farting Horse

One particular horse at the Rocking Horse Ranch in El Cajon, California is making noise on the internet. His name is Archy, and you might be surprised what could the cause of his sudden popularity be. Aside from his beautiful, majestic built, Archy caught the eyes of many when he rolled on the ground and farted. Yes, he FARTED! Hence, it is where he got his name “Archy, The Farting Horse.”

Feeling Relieved After ‘Passing the Gas’

One sunny day, when the owners of Archy took him for a walk, they were stunned when he suddenly rolled down and did his thing. All of a sudden, he started to fart, entertaining his owners who were filming him.

After he lets a few good ones pass, it seemed that he was done. However, he wasn’t. He then looked for another good spot in the pen and then got down on the ground again and started farting. Well, this whole situation amused his owners who apparently tried talking to him as if he were a child.

Archy may not even be aware of what he has done, but at least, he made people take a break and have some good laugh even just for a minute!

Check out this hilarious video of Archy, The Farting Horse, and we guarantee that you won’t be able to hold yourself back from laughing:


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