October 28

Lee Greenwood Turns 77

Lee Greenwood is one of country music’s most patriotic artists. Today, we will be celebrating the singer’s work and career in the country music industry. As the singer turns 77, we will look back at some of the best moments in Greenwood’s life and some of his songs during the span of his career.

Lee Greenwood’s Rise to Country Stardom

The California-native grew up with a lot of country music influence. At the age of 7, he started singing at their church, honing his skills, and doing what he loves to do. His first official gig as a country singer was when he worked with Del Reeves and then, later on, he founded his first band The Apollos. Their band played mostly pop music and they have performed in various casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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In 1981, the career of Lee Greenwood started to blossom, he signed with the Nashville division of the MCA label. This helped him release his first single “It Turns Me Inside Out” which even made it to the top 20 country music charts. After that, he made another two hits with “Ring on Her Finger” and “Time on Her Hands.”

Lee Greenwood is mostly known for his song “God Bless the USA.” It was not a big hit when it first came out but the relevance of the song is still heard to this day. Furthermore, it was even used by the President for his campaign. Greenwood said that he wrote the song for the unification of America. It has always been his dream to write a song about it and so he did.

It was released back in the ’80s but the song resurfaced after the 9/11 attack. This Lee Greenwood track is used to inspire all the Americans to be strong during tough times in the country. The song is also what we often associate with the country singer.

Listen to one of his hits here:


Lee Greenwood

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