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Mickey Guyton’s “Hold On” Is A Song For Anyone Losing Hope

Mickey Guyton's "Hold On"

In a time of uncertainty and grief, Mickey Guyton’s Hold On is a song that will inspire you to keep your spirit and breakthrough whatever that is holding you back. It’s very heartwarming and encouraging like a friend who pats you on the back and tells you that you will be fine because they got you when it feels like you’re drowning. 

This song was written for the 2019 movie, Breakthrough, which tells the true story of 14-year-old John Smith, who slips into an icy lake and fails to regain consciousness for 45 minutes after he was rescued. And his mother’s unfaltering love and faith amidst impossible odds. 

Guyton received the briefing to write a song specifically intended for that dreaded moment when John falls into an icy lake six months after discussing with her label that she wanted to write songs for film and television.

She co-wrote the song with Karen Kosowski and Victoria Banks. The central concept of the song was inspired by Banks’ answer to a question Guyton posed during their writing process. Guyton asked Banks what she would tell her daughters if she didn’t think they would survive the night. To which Banks replied that she would say to her daughters to hold on

According to Guyton, they wrote the song as a prayer. When you think that a loved one will not make it, the very first thing you would do is get on your knees. You pray, and you let them know that you’re there for them. And that they can hold on to you. And that was how the whole song came about. 

Mickey Guyton also recounted how she had a full-on allergic reaction before her songwriting appointment and how she feared that nothing would come out of their session. But all her worries were just worries. They ended up writing the whole song in just half an hour. 

In a realization, Guyton looked at that allergic reaction like a godsend. She also felt like it was crazy because she was writing the song for a faith-based film. For her, it just felt like God played a part in it. 

Billboard recently named her as one of the female game changes of the country music genre. “Hold On” was the first of the new music that she started recording during that time and worth of a memorable first at that. Mickey Guyton’s Hold On is a definite masterpiece of emotions encapsulated in a song of prayer.

Check out the video below and let your soul be healed.