Claire Crosby + Peace in Christ


Riley Johnson


March 11, 2024


March 11, 2024


March 11, 2024

Many of us know Claire Crosby as the little girl who became famous after her back-to-back viral covers of hit songs like “See The Light ” and the video that jump-started her fame, “Part of Your World,” in 2016. Now, with her sweet rendition of the gospel hymn, “Peace in Christ,” she’s just given us more reasons to love her!

Posted in 2018 on YouTube, Claire’s sweet rendition of “Peace in Christ” received over 670,000 views in just weeks, making it one of the most viewed covers ever. That is why there is no denying that Claire will become a staple name in the music industry in the coming years. 

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Her heart-warming voice and alluring charisma definitely captured many people’s hearts. On top of that, her relatively young age also sets the bar high for rising stars, considering at the age of three, Claire has already shown the world her undeniable great talent. 

Among the countless amazing covers posted on her YouTube channel with her dad, Dave, her rendition of the song hits differently to many. With her soft yet powerful vocals, the song feels interestingly new. Although they didn’t change any lyrics in the song, Claire and her dad’s heavenly duet gives a modern spin to this classic gospel hymn

As of 2024, the “Peace in Christ” cover of the father and daughter duo garnered around 25 million views, making it one of the most popular covers on their channel. Written by Nik Day, the song is simply a reminder that for us to find peace in our lives, we must open our arms to let God strengthen us day and night.  

So, if you want to find comfort after a long, tiring day, listen to Claire Crosby’s sweet yet powerful rendition of Peace in Christ below. 


Claire Crosby



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