January 31

“Meant to Be” Claire Crosby Version: The Adorable Father and Daughter Cover

In 2018, the American YouTube sensation Claire Crosby and her dad, Dave Crosby, released their cover of the hit Bebe Rexha country song “Meant to Be.”

The original version of the song was released in 2017 by Bebe Rexha, featuring Florida Georgia Line, as part of Rexha’s third album, “All Your Fault.”

Due to its relatable meaning and catchy beat, “Meant To Be” immediately climbed up the charts, landing at no. 1 on both the “US Radio Songs (Billboard)” and “US Hot Country Songs (Billboard)” charts. 

Aside from that, it also won the Radio Disney Music Awards for the Country’s Favorite Song category, as well as the Billboard Music Awards for Top Country Song. 

Because of this, several artists have released a version of this song, and among the most notable ones is the version of the father-and-daughter duo, The Crosby’s. 

Meant To Be: The Crosby’s Version

Compared to the original, Crosby’s version is acoustic and more mellow. However, what made fans hooked on this cover is five-year-old YouTuber Claire Crosby, who sings joyfully with passion.,  

The way Claire sings beside her dad, who strums the guitar, melts everyone’s hearts. And because Claire is already this talented at such a young age, fans are excited to see more of her in the future. 

As of 2024, their YouTube video has already garnered 3.3 million views, making it one of the highest-viewed covers of all time. So, if you want to check out Claire Crosby and her dad’s version of the hit song “Meant To Be,” you can watch the cover below. 


Claire Crosby, Dave Crosby

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