December 10

Beyond The Clouds and Over The Rocks: Blake Shelton and Craig Morgan’s Friendship

You know it’s true friendship when it’s more than the banters, laughs, and funny moments; it’s there for each other through tough times and the happiest and saddest moments. 

Blake Shelton and Craig Morgan proved that their friendship is more than online teasing and exchanges. The two were best friends in the country music industry, and their bond couldn’t be stronger after that tragic accident with Morgan’s son.

In an interview, Craig Morgan explained how touched he was when Blake Shelton and his wife, Gwen Stefani, flew to attend his son’s funeral. Shelton and Stefani were like ordinary people going to walk through the same door and sit anywhere like everyone else. Morgan also mentioned how he admired the humility of the couple because they went without any requests whatsoever.

“The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost,” released in August 2019, was a song about keeping faith in God despite heart-wrenching pain, grief, and sorrow. Craig Morgan wrote the song in memory of his son, Jerry, who passed away at 19 years old because of a tubing accident in July 2016.

The release of Morgan’s song moved everyone to tears, including Blake Shelton. The song’s emotion, message, and power prompted him to ask for help from his wife and other personalities like Ellen DeGeneres and Kelly Clarkson. The goal is to bring the song to the #1 seat on the iTunes chart.

And soon enough, with several tweets from Shelton, his friends from the music industry, fans, and other personalities, from #75, the song finally took the #1 spot. Morgan was out of words to explain how thankful he was to Shelton and Stefani because of their great help in helping him get through the pain.

We can now say that Blake Shelton and Craig Morgan’s friendship is built differently, genuine, and one of a kind.


Blake Shelton, Craig Morgan

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