November 21

Why is Loretta Lynn’s “Ain’t No Time to Go” So Touching?

Loretta Lynn has been around in the Country Music industry for decades. Fans of the genre around the globe know and celebrate her hits. In 2018, Loretta Lynn released a bittersweet ballad titled “Ain’t No Time to Go” that touched the hearts of fans worldwide. 

The song is part of the singer’s “Wouldn’t it Be Great” album, released on September 28, 2018. The album contains thirteen songs, and “Ain’t No Time to Go” is one of the three new original songs the singer made for it. It also includes new versions of Loretta Lynn’s greatest hits, “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” and the song from the 2004 Jack White-produced Van Lear Rose album called “God Makes No Mistakes.”

The bittersweet ballad takes on the constant theme of mortality and how none of us can genuinely prepare to say goodbye to the people we hold dear in our lives. The lyrics of Loretta Lynn’s “Ain’t No Time to Go” focuses on acceptance, and through it, Lynn declares it’s not her time to go yet. 

The song engulfs listeners in a narrative wherein a wife asks her husband to stay a little longer if he can. The singer’s wish to have her husband stay a little longer with her is unmistakable throughout the song. It’s difficult not to empathize and feel for her after wholeheartedly listening to the ballad. 

Loretta Lynn did an excellent job singing this song. Her delivery of the lyrics is sweet and shows her charming southern woman trait. However, you can still sense hints of sadness in the words that she sings throughout the song. 

Complementing Lynn’s powerful vocal performance is plenty of rollicking banjo and fast-paced fiddle playing. The beautiful accompaniment of the violin and banjo was also a surprising touch. It was stunning how well those two instruments complement each other. Of course, Lynn’s voice flows naturally and nicely into the mixture. 

The song’s music video was the first filming of Lynn after her recovery from several health issues, including her May 2017 stroke. Dave McClister was the video’s director. It also featured instrumentalists such as Jerry Douglass and Sam Bush. 

Loretta Lynn’s “Ain’t No Time to Go” is one of those songs that people who have experienced losing someone can easily relate to once they hear it. If you want to listen to this heart-rending ballad now, click here. 


Loretta Lynn

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